Enablement Package for SAP Analytics Cloud

You have just implemented the SAP Analytics Cloud and need help with the first steps? Get professional support with the Enablement Package for SAP Analytics Cloud

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Enablement Package for SAP Analytics Cloud

You no longer want to waste time distributing reports via Excel and have decided to use the SAP Analytics Cloud as a software tool? - Now you need to integrate it into your organization.

There are many important points to consider during implementation, for example is a structured and sustainable basis essential, especially at the beginning, because this is the only way to avoid errors and confusion.

Therefore the following questions/topics frequently arise:
  • How can meaningful and clear folder structures or filing structures be created?
  • What do I have to pay attention to when defining and organizing permissions?
  • How is the security topic organized in the SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC)?
  • How do I integrate existing processes?
  • How can processes in the SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC) be redesigned?
  • How do I integrate the SAP Analytics Cloud into my existing system landscape?
  • What design should the front end of the SAP Analytics Cloud have?
  • What functionalities does the SAP Analytics Cloud actually offer?

We are happy to help you in all these fields of activity so that you can integrate the SAP Analytics Cloud into your system landscape in an efficient, time- and error-saving way. With our Enablement Package for SAP Analytics Cloud, we offer you the opportunity to take the first steps together and create a solid and sophisticated foundation that offers you real value.

Read how the SAP Analytics Cloud can help you accelerate and modernize your sales planning.

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Approach and Components

Recommended Approach
  • Start with a workshop to identify the fields of action
  • Based on the individual need for support, we put together your personal package
  • The customer and SAP strategies are taken into account in reporting and in the connected systems
  • Flexibility and agile approach: Scope can be adjusted at any time
  • Commissioning and processing according to time and material
  • Analysis of the fields of action
  • Creating the infrastructure
  • Set and organize permissions
  • Create Templates
  • Define filing structure
  • Recommendations for modeling
  • Possibility of specialist training courses
  • Modeling, ad hoc analysis, dashboarding, ...

Example modules - Enablement Package for SAP Analytics Cloud

The Enablement Package for SAP Analytics Cloud allows you to select exactly the building blocks you need to implement the SAP Analytics Cloud in your system. As described above, we offer different components. These include the creation and definition of authorization concepts and storage structures as well as modeling. 


Authorization concept

  • Definition of roles and authorizations
  • Consideration of customer processes and organizational structures
  • Consideration of source system authorizations of the users
  • Live and remote permissions 

Filing structure

  • Mapping of organization and processes
  • Consideration of the individual system landscape
  • Version management
  • Development of a tailored structure under best-practice aspects 


  • Modeling recommendations for live and remote dashboards
  • Support in the underlying system (e.g. query modeling)
  • Mapping of predictive data models, Analytics Designer and R-Models


Enablement Package for SAP Analytics Cloud

Starting Offer - Enablement Package for SAP Analytics Cloud


1,920.00 € *

*includes a time quota of 16 hours. Available in units of at least 0.5 hours. Communication and telephony are included in the processing time. 

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Take the first steps together with us. Together with you we will determine your individual need for action. Afterwards you will receive a personal offer, which is exactly tailored to your needs. Request your individual offer now.

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Enablement Package for SAP Analytics Cloud

Have you decided to take the first steps with SAP Analytics Cloud together or would you like to learn more about the Enablement Package for SAP Analytics Cloud?

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Put your SAP Analytics Cloud Projects in the competent hands of IBsolution. We have already successfully completed more than 750 projects and made over 400 customers happy. We are not only familiar with the technological, but also with the business aspects of demanding SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC) projects.

Together with you, we develop intelligent strategies, define and implement processes, offer downstream support and train your employees. With our Enablement Package for SAP Analytics Cloud you receive exclusive support as a new customer. We will be happy to assist you with any questions or problems.

Take advantage of our consultants' expertise and best-practice approaches and create a solid foundation for your SAP Analytics Cloud solution.

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