Power Workshop for SAP Analytics Cloud

Data analysis | Reporting | Dashboards | Integration

Unposed group of creative business people in an open concept office brainstorming their next project.-1

Become an expert for SAP Analytics Cloud in just 2 days.

SAP Analytics Cloud – the integrated solution for all tasks in business intelligence, planning, and predictive analytics

Benefit in your daily work from the simple visualization of real-time analysis based on data from a wide variety of sources.

Analysts can use SAP Analytics Cloud to retrieve data and present it in visually appealing reports. Employees from business units can create reports and plans in self-service. Data scientists define predictive models on SAP Analytics Cloud that allow business analysts to take a look into the future. And management benefits from dashboards that contain all key performance indicators.

Are you wondering ...

  • ... how you can benefit from this solution?
  • ... what individual options you can implement with SAP Analytics Cloud?
  • ... how data, models, and stories interact?
  • ... which data sources can be connected − and how?

Benefit from the experience of our consultants from numerous successfully completed projects with our Power Workshop for SAP Analytics Cloud.

Contents of the workshop

Test and training environment is provided by IBsolution.


  • General introduction to SAP Analytics Cloud
  • Introduction to the basic structure and explanation of the logical layers
    • Model
    • Story
    • Connections
  • Creating stories and hierarchies
  • Setting up presentations for the Digital Boardroom


  • Building a model based on imported Excel data
  • Building a story from Excel data
  • Creation of future analyses (predictive analytics)
  • Realization of a functioning SAP BW connection*
    • Query to SAP Analytics Cloud
    • BW features
  • Creating a planning demo
    • Value driver trees
    • Digital Boardroom




5,000 EUR

Optionally, the workshop can also be carried out on the customer’s infrastructure, for which additional expenses are incurred.

  • Connection of the customer’s own BW system to SAP Analytics Cloud
  • Installation of the Cloud Connector
  • Adjusting the firewall settings
  • Importing the BW Add-ons (as of BW 7.4 SP 17)

Price for the preparation of the client’s infrastructure: 3,000 EUR*.

*Prerequisites: Customer books SAP Analytics Cloud test version or rents SAC with 10 users separately from SAP.

And when will you become an expert on SAP Analytics Cloud?

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