Starter Package for SAP Cloud Identity

Benefit from best practices from numerous customer projects to connect your IT systems to SAP Identity Authentication Service (IAS) and SAP Identity Provisioning Service (IPS)






Cost control

Identity management processes in the cloud

Take advantage of tomorrow’s opportunities today and automate your identity management processes in the cloud.

Manage roles and authorizations in cloud systems automatically

Become independent of your identity management system (SAP or others) and get started in the cloud.

Integrate cloud systems quickly and easily

Use the new SAP Cloud Identity Services (Identity Provisioning and Identity Authentication) to establish an interface for all your cloud systems. No matter which identity management product you use.

Your contact person

Simon Toepper
+49 7131 2711-1308

We know your challenges and provide the right answers to the crucial questions. Use our expertise from countless identity management projects to get there faster.

Scope of service

Basic configuration of your Identity Authentication Service test environment

Basic configuration of your Identity Provisioning Service test environment

Optional, at extra cost

  • Distribution model of attributes from only one source

  • Correction of data inconsistencies (e.g. due to incorrect user mapping)

  • Extended roles and authorisation management (build or adapt roles)


6,990 EUR

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