Networking via social media is already part of everyday life for many of us. Social media is one of the greatest social advances, from which numerous trends in various areas have developed.

We therefore asked a number of sales people about the importance of this topic in their daily work and the 6 major challanges they are facing.

And here are the results:

1. Creating your company's social profile & enganging others to subscribe for your information channel

Many sales managers quoted, that they often use social media tools for advertising purposes. Their companies usually maintain corporate profiles on diverse social media platforms to place links to e.g. Youtube, so customers can see the benefits of their products.

To increase credibility it is very important to enrich the company profile with interesting contributions, because that’s how the customers get in touch. Some respondents said that it's far more valuable for them to read company contributions on subscribed accounts on for example LinkedIn rather than to read these articles on their corporate websites.

We also investigated the concept of "account based marketing". In this approach, a well-considered strategy is decisive for success. The campaigns are much more targeted and personalized through close coordination with the sales team and marketing.

"How do I decide when to post a certain content to get the most out of it?"

"I notice how important LinkedIn is to get in touch with prospects - unfortunately older colleagues don´t. This morning I sent two messages on LinkedIn and made an on-site appointment.”

2. Customer acquisition via the social business platform LinkedIn

LinkedIn is the number one communication platform for interacting with customer. A large number of the respondents use LinkedIn to look for new sales leads, whereby the tool is particularly favored by its international orientation. In this way it is possible for the sales employee to search for the desired contact person, his interests, his industry and his current position in the company. “The "social-media-tool" will replace cold calling on the phone.

“Cold calling is reduced to a minimum. I prefer to look for my clients on LinkedIn. Linkedin is a great tool for me to get good contacts"

3. Networking with customers

LinkedIn plays an essential role in improving personal relationships with prospects and clients. Our survey reveals that LinkedIn is a tool where sales managers are very active and link to customers, search for customers, see what other contacts they have and network with them.

"Linkedin is great for advertising. Initially I used the tool for private purposes only, in the meantime I am mostly using it for business. It's great to get in touch with new contacts and to stay in touch e.g. with visitors of trade shows."

The number of LinkedIn users is conctantly increasing. But some sales people complaint, that the number of users could even be greater.

Our generation spends a lot of time on social networks, it's important to be visible, the customer has to be thrilled to stay there. If the content is interesting, it will have a positive impact on the customer's loyalty.

4. Effective preparation for customer meetings

LinkedIn is a great way to prepare yourself for customer appointments. The social service provider offers the opportunity to obtain detailed information about a new customer. Latest information about his job title, his professional experience, his interests and common contacts can be a very big advantage. With the knowledge gained, the agenda can be adapted and the conversation can be controlled better.

5. Use of LinkedIn Sales Navigator

The Sales Navigator, an additional Sales tool of LinkedIn, focuses on the identification of potential leads that are appropriate to the user's target group. In addition, the tool notifies about activities and interests of the customer and thus also enables a quick response to his needs (social listening).

"The Sales Navigator provides in-depth information to hunt people, perfect for sales."

6. Social selling integration with CRM

CRM systems like the SAP Sales Cloud (C4C) already offer a lot of standard connectors to the most common social networks most customers are not aware of. 

If you want to see how for example LinkedIn Sales Navigator integrates with the SAP Sales Cloud feel free to watch our video. It´s a very easy and effective way to communicate and network with your customers.

Watch our video and see the benefits you are gaining by integrating LinkedIn Sales Navigator with SAP Sales Cloud


Watch our video Tutorial and learn how easy it is to activate the LinkedIn Sales Navigator Widget in SAP Sales Cloud.

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