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Based on an analysis of the current situation, we develop recommendations for action along our transformation framework to secure your business success.

  • Your customer is at the centre of the entire process.
  • We provide suggestions for innovative business models.
  • We analyze technologies in use for future security.
  • We communicate methods to promote the culture of innovation.
  • We take your employees with you.
  • We accompany the change processes.


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"We believe that every company is only able to maintain its position on the market in the future if it is transformed. In order to make this possible, we observe your daily processes, jointly evaluate your current strengths and weaknesses and give advice on new approaches in all the areas described."

Tilo Freund, Transformation Coach

Why Digitalization?

According to the German Federal Ministry of Economics and Energy, around 60 percent of companies are already digitally networked with their business customers. Every third company uses "smart services", every fifth "big data".

Nevertheless, the future success of the companies depends crucially on how the potential of digitalization is used.

Opportunities arise in the following areas:

  • Finding and retaining customers more easily
  • Recruiting, qualifying and retaining employees more easily
  • Meeting individual customer requirements cost-effectively and flexibly
  • Controlling business processes and production flows more efficiently
  • Developing innovative digital offerings that enable profitable growth

In order to make the change a success, the German Federal Ministry of Economics and Energy advises an individual roadmap which can be drawn up with the following questions:

  • Where does your company stand?
  • What does already exist today and where are technological backlogs?
  • What goals do you want to achieve by digitalizing your company?
  • What are the technical and personnel requirements of your project?
  • What costs do you have to expect?
  • How do you plan the implementation?
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