Are you aware of the following situation? At the end of a long working day, the paper work still has to be done, checking and filing documents you worked on. But what happens in case you need the document again after one or two weeks? You wonder where the specific folder is? Which department owner of the document is? Usually, orders are filed in the accounting department. But can’t we find the specific document I am looking for?


Employees spend a lot of time on searching for files and documents which are needed when interacting with customers, often on short notice. Integrated Forms in SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer (C4C) help you to reduce the time needed to find the right document. The Software enables organizations to access relevant customer information in a standardized way. How your organization might benefit from this solution is described in this blog.


Increased service levels for your customers

Integrated forms in SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer are based on a centralized data base. This ensures both the integrity and the relevance of the data. Thus, users are always able to communicate with customers based on real-time data. Another advantage of using integrated forms is, that available information about the customer can be accessed simultaneously by multiple users. When using integrated forms, you are also reducing the risk of input errors to a minimum. C4C automatically fills in the vital information about customers or orders in the correct fields.


The integration of forms into the system even streamlines the support and sales processes. Integrating forms in C4C is a great step towards digitalizing your processes. Offers, orders or even complaints are automatically gathered online, processed and put in the right place. At the end of each process, you are even able to transform the information into pdf documents (including signature) and send them per mail directly to whom it may belong to.


Thus, the C4C users get a holistic view on their customers. Imagine a certain customer having issues with one of your products. The centralized file repository with delivery notes and service request provides and end-to-end view on a complete set of historical data that’s related to your customer.




But most important: In addition to the internal benefits, the use of forms lets customers gain advantage from a better customer support – their problems and needs can be processed faster and more individually.


Raise brand awareness with a consistent appearance

Organizations strictly stick to their corporate design guidelines in presentations, flyers and other marketing material. This does not only contribute to a professional appearance, but also to the value of their brand. What applies for glossy brochures should also apply for each and every document used when interacting with customers: such as bills or delivery notes to name a few.


Such documents can be created and adapted to the needs of any organization by using integrated forms in SAP Hybris C4C.

Minor changes, like hiding or displaying information or fields, can be configured by using the C4C form editor.




For major changes, like adding fields, a corporate logo, or signature fields the Adobe LifeCycle Designer must be used. This tool is available in the download section of the C4C system free of charge. It offers a wide range of functionalities. Thus, forms that exceed the standard can be created. After finalizing the form, it must be uploaded once and is now ready for use.





The use of integrated forms in SAP Hybris C4C lets you benefit from the following advantages:

  • Less media breaks
  • Reduction of errors caused by the manual entry of important data

  • Increased efficiency in customer service through the centralized storage of documents in C4C
  • Time savings by the creation of documents at a tip
  • Increased transparency for customers and employees through an improved document structure
  • Higher flexibility by adapting forms according to the latest functional requirements, e.g. a reworked data model

Keep your customers loyal to your company

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