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    Management Consulting, Data & Analytics

    Business planning is a complex process in which many different factors need to be taken into account. It involves not only sales and cost forecasts, but also strategic decisions, resource allocation and risk management.

    SAP Security, Enterprise Security

    Business roles make a decisive contribution to the organization and administration of user authorizations in SAP systems.

    Master Data Management, Data & Analytics

    The aim of data migration is to transfer data to a new system in a reliable and quality-assured manner so that it is complete, correct and redundancy-free.

    Management Consulting, Data & Analytics, HR Analytics

    Personnel cost planning combines individual assumptions about employees and positions as well as general assumptions for employee groups, tariffs or company divisions.

    SAP Security, Identity & Access Management

    In our blog post “SAP and Microsoft: Close partners in Identity & Access Management” from February 2024, we discuss the strategic partnership between SAP and Microsoft in Identity & Access Management.

    Master Data Management, Data & Analytics

    High data quality is an important success factor for data migration, but in practice, companies often fail to manage this.

    Technology, Enterprise Security, Artificial Intelligence

    Artificial intelligence (AI) and cyber security are the top priorities for corporate IT decision-makers this year.