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    SAP Business Technology Platform

    In an earlier blog post, we showed how SAP Business Technology Platform (BTP) can be best and most efficiently used as a toolbox for diverse use cases.

    Business Intelligence, Management Consulting

    Complex processes, inconsistent procedures, lack of integration and incorrectly used or outdated technologies tie up many resources in business planning.

    Business Intelligence, Management Consulting

    The challenges that companies are facing in current times are enormous. The high dynamics of change make it necessary for companies to adapt their processes to the new framework conditions.

    Business Intelligence, Management Consulting

    The increasing complexity and dynamics of the business world make it necessary for companies to optimize and modernize their business planning.

    Business Intelligence, Machine Learning

    Machine Learning (ML) offers great potential when it comes to effectively supporting company processes.

    Digitalization, Technology

    The analysts at Gartner traditionally focus on the question of which technology trends will particularly shape the business world in the coming year.

    Events, Business Transformation

    At the end of the DSAG Annual Congress 2022, the German-speaking SAP User Group (DSAG) drew a positive conclusion.