Complete and structured master data is a strategic success factor for companies. IBsolution's MDG Summit on October 17, 2019, offered participants the opportunity to update themselves on data management with SAP Master Data Governance (MDG). In addition to the latest developments and informative practical examples, the exchange with other master data managers was also on the agenda.


SAP MDG knows the needs of the specialist departments

Master Data Governance (MDG) is the SAP software for the administration of master data in the enterprise. Different solutions are precisely tailored to the needs of different departments, such as finance, production, purchasing or sales. The users not only simplify their daily work, but also have the certainty of dealing with the data in a legally compliant manner.


Fewer errors through rules

The main goals in the administration of master data are higher efficiency and reduced susceptibility to errors. This can be achieved, for example, by intelligent rules that reduce the effort required for maintenance and prevent errors during data entry. With EVIMENDO.rules_control, companies can easily and intuitively use rules that go beyond the SAP standard.


The use of intelligent technologies is also playing an increasingly important role in data management. CDQ demonstrated to the MDG Summit participants how artificial intelligence, machine learning, data catalog and data lake governance can improve data quality. The Swiss company is one of the leading institutions for data management in Europe.


Video: the highlights of the MDG Summit 2019


The SAP Demand Signal Management (DSiM) tool helps companies capture, analyze, and integrate external market data. DSiM creates a central repository of external master data and transaction data for different applications and perspectives and optimizes the data preparation process.


Successful data migration at GEA

The theoretical basics are one thing, but it is only in practice that it becomes clear whether master data projects become a real success - as is the case with the GEA Group. Within twelve months, the system provider for the food processing industry migrated its customer master data in 50 countries from SAP and non-SAP systems as well as from a CRM system to SAP MDG and put it live. Since the migration, a data steward has maintained data quality company-wide.


New perspectives in Business Speed Coaching

Events like the MDG Summit should not only impart knowledge, but also offer participants a platform to exchange ideas with like-minded people. Accordingly, networking was not neglected in Mannheim. At Business Speed Coaching, the participants discussed the challenges they face in data management and the hurdles they face in their daily work. The aim was to find different perspectives and creative solutions every ten minutes. At the get-together after the official program, the participants continued the professional exchange in a relaxed atmosphere.

Improve your data quality with intelligent rules

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