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    Digitalization, Digital Transformation

    In our blogs, we get to the bottom of the secrets of success of tech companies in Silicon Valley. How do they stand out from the other companies? What is their great success based on?

    Digitalization, Digital Transformation

    As managing directors of IBsolution, Oliver and I took part in the InnovationCamp Baden-Wuerttemberg. This is where we gained fascinating insights into Silicon Valley’s secrets of success.

    Digitalization, Methodologies

    Design Thinking has often been hyped, but more and more people are questioning its value, impact and relevance.

    CRM, SAP C/4HANA, Customer Relationship Management

    This probably seems familiar. You are in charge of your company’s customer service and you would like to optimize service processes. However, they are giving you a hard time.

    Cloud Solutions, IoT, Internet of Things

    Everyone is talking about Internet of Things (IoT), but hardly anybody is talking about “how to set it up”. I will show you how to do so using detailed step-by-step instructions.

    Digitalization, Digital Transformation

    In everyday life, digitalization has long been taking place, whether it is holiday planning with Airbnb or in the area of mobility when using Uber. It is almost indispensable in private life as well as in the working world.

    CRM, SAP C/4HANA, Customer Relationship Management

    Are you aware of the following situation? At the end of a long working day, the paper work still has to be done, checking and filing documents you worked on.