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    Cloud Solutions, Digitalization

    The basic idea behind a microservice architecture is to make the application’s creation and maintenance easier by disassembling it into small, isolated, seamlessly interacting parts.

    Digitalisierung, Digitale Transformation

    Can the secrets of Silicon Valley's success be transferred to Germany? In the second part of our interview, Annika Hoeltje describes the characteristics that are in demand in San Francisco and San Jose.

    Digitalization, Digital Transformation

    InnovationCamp BW Silicon Valley offers SMEs from Baden-Wuerttemberg the opportunity to discover the spirit and methods of the world's most innovative location.

    Digitalisierung, Cloud Lösungen

    In the era of digitalization, it is not only important to have deep insights about application performance and security but also to know how it is performing in the business context.

    Cloud Solutions, Digitalization

    As the popularity of cloud-based solutions for business applications is growing, the trend of microservice application development in cloud infrastructure has also increased over time.

    Digitalization, Digital Transformation

    In our blogs, we get to the bottom of the secrets of success of tech companies in Silicon Valley. How do they stand out from the other companies? What is their great success based on?

    Digitalization, Digital Transformation

    As managing directors of IBsolution, Oliver and I took part in the InnovationCamp Baden-Wuerttemberg. This is where we gained fascinating insights into Silicon Valley’s secrets of success.