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    The new native SAP Sales Cloud Mobile App will be made generally available with the 1908 release of SAP Sales Cloud. This application will not replace the existing one, so there are a couple of questions around this topic.

    Digitalisierung, Digitale Transformation, Innovation

    What makes Silicon Valley companies so innovative?

    Digitalisierung, Digitale Transformation, Innovation

    Our managing directors Oliver Donner and Loren Heilig had a look around Silicon Valley.

    Digitalisierung, Digitale Transformation, Innovation

    We’re introducing the ins and outs of Silicon Valley in our blog series. To encourage knowledge transfer within their organizations, many companies between San Francisco and San Jose use the Lunch and Learn format.

    Digitalization, Digital Transformation

    In this blog series, we're shedding light on the factors behind Silicon Valley's success. They include such strategies as bringing products to market as quickly as possible and agile working in lean teams.

    IoT, Internet of Things

    The high-performance blowers from PILLER for the process industry meet the highest demands. The hidden champion from Moringen in Lower Saxony offers its customers not only first-class products but also outstanding service.

    Digitalization, Digital Transformation

    The success factors of Silicon Valley are the focus of our blog series. Today we are looking for the elements that make up the special mindset of America's West Coast.