If exceptional situations arise, such as the one we are currently experiencing with the Corona pandemic, many companies realize that they are not flexible and digital enough to remain capable of acting in such times of crisis. But every crisis also offers opportunities. So take advantage of crisis-related idle times in your service departments to prepare for the future. The following five aspects show how service-driven companies can mitigate negative effects and generate competitive advantages by using suitable Field Service Management (FSM) software.


1. Fast reactions through flexible planning

With the help of transparent planning boards, changed circumstances can be taken into account quickly, thus ensuring the ability to react. Temporary restrictions such as home office or quarantine can be stored in the board as “blockers” in no time at all. In addition, areas at risk can be temporarily “blocked”.


2. Mobile access to knowledge

Direct access to knowledge reduces the need for social interaction. The spectrum ranges from digital checklists and historical service orders to digital counter readings that make physical visits to a machine obsolete. Digital service reports and signatures also reduce the number of personal contacts. Intelligent notification functions proactively inform employees about updates.


3. 100% remote working

Using cloud software, the dispatcher can schedule tickets in the home office, which the service technicians then process. All information is available on one platform without the need to collect paper lists or make verbal arrangements. With the help of modern technologies such as virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR) or the Internet of Things, remote diagnoses can be carried out without having to send service staff.


4. Transparent supply chain

The use of an integrated FSM system uncovers bottlenecks in the supply of goods. Just-in-time inventory checks enable us to plan deployments so that the spare parts are actually at the customer’s site when the technician arrives. Crisis-related supply chain failures can be actively managed by demanding higher prices or placing alternative products.


5. Crowd service and partner networks

Modern field service platforms allow external partners to be involved in the service process. Your service engineer is not allowed to enter China? Fortunately, you can integrate Chinese maintenance companies into your process. With just one click you can make your order available on a marketplace and thus save yourself all risks.

Your Field Service remains capable of action at all times

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