What's wrong today?

Service Center

Unfocused and time-consuming planning and dispatching with different tools. Missing insights into field activities lead to bad customer satisfaction.

Service Managers

Bad service workflows with a lack of automation. No access to information including resource locations and field service performance. The bad onboarding and guidance of employees causes low quality and low fix rates.

SAP FSM Field Service Management Old World IBsolution

Executive Management

High costs due to ineffiecient service processes and bad reporting capabilities. Long processing times cause delayed service invoicing.

Field Technicians

Stressfull days because of endless searching in files and papers and helplessness in solving difficult problems. Wasted time due to traffic, long schedules, multiple locations and varied tasks.

What can be better tomorrow?

Service Center

Get insights into the field activities, increase service efficiency and deliver the best possible experience to your customers. Perform your services transparently no matter where they are delivered.

Service Managers

Review and improve your service delivery as well as backoffice operations and automate scheduling and dispatching. Cut service costs and optimize the loyalty and satisfaction of your customers by getting the job done right.

SAP FSM Field Service Management New World IBsolution

Executive Management

More efficiency in your service department with a streamlined invoicing processes and optimized metrics. Get more cross-selling and upselling opportunities out of your service requests.

Field Technicians

Access schedules, service routes, and directions on a tap. All critical information is accessible with your mobile device before you arrive at the service location. Upload your reports, work time and expenses and eliminate cumbersome paperwork.

SAP Field Service Management

the best way to manage your mobile service workforce




view on your customers, products, tickets and employees


service costs


reduced repair times

SAP FSM IBsolution Dashboard Executives

Executive Management

Track your service KPIs with adjustable dashboards and reports

Get an holistic view of your field service measures with an analytics cockpit. Gain an understanding what’s working in your service department and what’s not. Turn insights into action for an increased customer satisfaction and extra revenue.


Service Center

Avoid stress during dispatching with automation and transparency

The simple drag-and-drop planning board increases visibility, and reduces time effort. Allocating technicians and activities was never easier. The workforce scheduling tool ensures that the best suiting employee is sent the service location based on skills and geographical availability.

SAP FSM IBsolution ServiceCenter Dashboard


of all incoming calls require dispatching


success rate for meeting response times


first-time resolution rate by accessing the necessary information



increased flexibilty


increased no. of

on-site leads


increased productivity

SAP FSM IBsolution Technician Dashboard

Field Technicians

A mobile app that guides through the service assignment

By giving you access to relevant service, product and customer information, you have everything you need on the go. With a quick fingertip they can review client histories, spare parts availability, service checklists and much more. This does not only improve speed and efficiency, it also gives you more time to focus on the things really matter.


Service Managers

Maximize availabilty of resources

Field Service is not always easy to account for unexpected variables. Truck breakdowns, employee illness, and field service visits that take longer than expected can result in costly delays and setbacks. With real-time, automated workforce scheduling, planning and dispatching, you can efficiently allocate your available human resources to maximize output and minimize costs.

SAP FSM IBsolution Service Manager Dashboard


Increase in

service revenue

$5 Bn

market volume for field services


necessary spare parts

are available


Crowd Service


Field Service Analytics


Customer Self Service

IBsolution_Knowledge Management

Knowledge Management


Workorder Management


Workforce Scheduling & Dispatching


Mobile App


Integrations & Cloud

Consulting Packages



Request Contract Details

Facts & Figures




immediate repairs


SLA compliance


jobs per employee


service costs


travelling time


fuel costs

6 mos.


What clients say about the product

"Since implementing Coresystem´s software (SAP Fieldservice Management Software), lead generation has increased by 60 %, resulting in new revenue streams by offering Higher-tier service contracts, training and consumable products."
Director of Global Customer Service

"Our customers expectation continue to rise and Coresystems (SAP Fieldservice Management) Enables us to maintain realtime responsiveness to our customer´s needs."
Director of IT Operations

"In the future thanks to the support of the Coressystems Field Service Software, it will also take significantly less time for new emplyees to become productive, which is also hugely important for the expansion and success of our sales organisation."
Director Strategic Accounts

"We can say that the business process works significantly faster for us than it used to, and most importantly, it works without errors. And that is the bottom line."
Managing Director

"We had three different databases not talking to one another; there was no integration. Engineers were using handheld written sheets. We realized we needed to have a better solution."
Finance Manager

"We have already successfully reduced the time between servicing and invoicing from several weeks to an average of six days on more than 50% of customer service calls."
Head of IT

"Ever since I`ve been working with the mobile solution from Coresystems, a lot has changed for me: I am much faster at creating service orders or finding spare parts. I can see at a glance what my colleague did during his last visit, what work he carried out on the machine And what the problem was."
Service Technician

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