It's that time again: The next update for the SAP Sales and Service Cloud is scheduled for mid-August. SAP has announced to roll out the C4C Release 2008 on August 15th and 16th in the production systems. The update, which includes numerous improvements and new features, has already been available in the test systems since August 1st.


Plattform & Integration


Fiori Client

For greater transparency and efficiency in ticket processing, a kanban board can be integrated as a tile on the home page.

C4C Release 2008 Kanban-Board

Users can also integrate Quick Links to call up frequently used functions with just one click.

C4C Release 2008 Quick Links

The C4C Release 2008 introduces the new theme "Safira" as beta version. The modern design and the customizable color spectrum provide a better overview of the user interfaces.

C4C Release 2008 Safira 01

C4C Release 2008 Safira 02

Business Partner

Minor adjustments in the Business Partner area include new data sources for competitors, click-to-call telephone numbers and suggestions for address entry including validation. An SAP DQM license is required for this feature.


Mobile & Offline

The C4C Extended app allows you to upload up to five attachments, for example photos, at the same time. The Sales Cloud native app offers the option to create activities directly in the calendar. Users can also customize the characteristics of fields (mandatory, read only, etc.).



Personalized dashboard filters are available in C4C Release 2008. In addition, charts in the tiles on the home page are now displayed 1:1 as they are in the report.


End of maintenance for Internet Explorer

The support for the Internet Explorer is finally on the home stretch and will be discontinued with the release of the next update (release 2011).


Cross Topics


Key User Tools

Adjustments to the page layouts could be made simply by drag and drop. OData adjustments for fields are transported via transport management. The "Login as other user" also shows the home page of the other user.


SAP Application Studio

The Custom Quick View in SAP Application Studio is now also available offline. The deployment process has also been optimized.





The C4C Release 2008 realizes improvements in the integration with SAP ERP or SAP S/4HANA. Prices for subitems are now editable and can be transferred to SAP ECC or SAP S/4HANA. The Van Stock Replication allows to replicate serial numbers and batches. Additional filter options are also available.


SAP Marketing Cloud

B2B leads from landing pages are created in the SAP Sales Cloud.


C4C Release 2008 B2B Leads

Groupware Integration

A new feature in groupware integration prevents the deletion of appointments and visits that have been synchronized with Outlook.


SAP Sales Cloud


Intelligent Sales Execution

Previously, the admin screen was only accessible via SAP Support, but now it is also directly in Intelligent Sales Execution. The Pipeline Flow allows you to track changes in the pipeline.

C4C Release 2008 Pipeline Flow


The C4C Release 2008 creates the possibility to link opportunities with leads afterwards. In addition, some UX improvements have been implemented for the duplicate check.



In the opportunities area, SAP has optimized internal pricing. In addition, users can now display the higher-level sales opportunity in the worklist. A new quotation version also copies the reference to the opportunity.

C4C Release 2008 Preisfindung

Offers, Orders & Pricing

The C4C Release 2008 offers the option to edit prices for subitems and transmit them to SAP EEC or SAP S/4HANA.

C4C Release 2008 Preise Unterpositionen


The entire note history is now available. This increases transparency in contract negotiations. Furthermore, the creation of contracts for defined customers can be blocked. And adjustments have been made in external pricing.



Formatted texts are now available for appointments.

C4C Release 2008 Formatierte Texte


SAP Service Cloud


Service Channels

The SMS Live Chat offers an integration with the SAP Contact Center 365 and the ticket timeline was integrated into the mobile app.

C4C Release 2008 Ticket Timeline

You can also block email addresses for ticket creation and copy email interactions into an existing ticket. It is also possible to send e-mail replies to multiple recipients.

Workflow & Templates

With C4C Release 2008, it is possible to copy and transport templates (text and HTML).


Service Management/Tickets

Restrictions can be set for ticket access based on the service organization. Classification using Natural Language Processing (NLP) can be done by extracting the serial number from e-mails. The key figure "duration" in the ticket is an important feature to gain valuable insights and identify potential bottlenecks.


Maintenance Planner & Installation Management

ERP guarantees can be determined in the ticket process. From external systems, installations and registered products with inactive participants can be replicated.

Qualtrics/Experience Management

The C4C Release 2008 realizes the integration of C4C into the Qualtrics Action Platform. Based on the results of Qualtrics surveys, opportunities, leads and tasks are created. Based on the service experiences from surveys, a ticket can be created automatically (“closed loop”).

C4C Release 2008 Qualtrics Ticketanlage

The Qualtrics survey data is displayed in the C4C ticket.

C4C Release 2008 Qualtrics Umfragedaten

S/4HANA Cloud Service Management

A service order can be created directly from a ticket in the S/4HANA cloud.

C4C Release 2008 Serviceauftrag

Field Service Management

The C4C Release 2008 improves the interaction of C4C with SAP Field Service Management. It is now possible to replicate FSM Smart Forms to C4C.

C4C Release 2008 FSM Smartforms

Similarly, the effort from FSM to C4C is replicated with the correct time zone. And FSM expenses are passed on directly to the C4C ticket as expense items.

C4C Release 2008 FSM Spesen

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