Customer Relationship Management with the SAP Customer Experience (CX) Suite

Put your customer relations on a new level by using the cloud-based SAP Customer Experience suite


How to map your customer-related processes holistically with the help of SAP solutions and how the different areas of your company can benefit from them

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Focus on the customer

The SAP Customer Experience Suite with SAP C/4HANA and other components includes integrated cloud solutions for marketing, sales, online commerce, service, and customer data management. By using SAP Customer Experience (CX), companies can better meet the needs of their customers and build customer loyalty. In other words, they optimize their customer relationship management (CRM).

Many CRM systems focus primarily on sales. SAP Sales Cloud puts the consumer at the center. All departments of the company get an identical view of the end customer by intelligently linking the various components of SAP Sales Cloud. This unified customer view in turn creates the prerequisite for aligning the business in a completely customer-centric way.

As an integrated end-to-end solution, SAP Service Cloud offers a seamless customer experience along the entire customer journey. All touch points – from the first customer contact to invoicing – can be mapped without media breaks or other restrictions. With SAP Service Cloud, companies process all customer-related activities from the lead to the service process and create an up-to-date basis for their CRM.

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Our experts support you in optimizing your marketing and sales activities with the cloud-based solutions of SAP Customer Experience.


We improve your customer management

Digitization has fundamentally changed the framework for the relationship between companies and their customers. Customers are becoming more demanding, for example in terms of the ways in which they can interact with a company.

In order to meet the increased demands, close integration of marketing, sales, commerce and service is essential. In this way, companies can achieve optimal customer approach, interaction and loyalty in all sales channels.

Make it easy for yourself: Our experts support you in bringing your service and sales activities into the digital age with the solution modules of SAP Customer Experience. From numerous projects, we bring comprehensive experience in the seamless integration of cloud and on-premise solutions. Your double benefit: You not only exploit your revenue potential, but also reduce your costs through process automation and precise planning.

Take your sales and marketing processes to a new level with SAP CX.

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Lead-to-cash | SAP CX | IBsolution
Integrated mapping of customer-related processes


The lead-to-cash process encompasses all points of contact between a company and its customers − from initial contact and qualification, through the purchasing process and order processing, to the provision of services and invoicing. We support companies in mapping their customer-related processes holistically and digitally.

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Salesman showing client where to sign the deal at new car showroom
Automate sales processes

SAP Sales Cloud

Leading companies from various industries rely on SAP Sales Cloud. With this solution, you digitize your sales processes and benefit from a fast, cost-effective implementation.

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SAP Service Cloud | IBsolution
Ensure smooth service processes

SAP Service Cloud

From omnichannel communication to a 360° view of your customers and intelligent ticket management, SAP Service Cloud has what it takes to help you increase the efficiency of your service processes and deliver great service experiences to your customers.

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SAP Field Service Management | IBsolution
Completely without Excel and media breaks

Field Service Management

No more headaches when planning your service technicians and executing on-site assignments. SAP Field Service Management is a powerful tool for managing all aspects and challenges of your mobile workforce.

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CRM transformation | IBsolution
Alternatives for SAP CRM on-premise

Transformation of your CRM landscape

In the course of the conversion to SAP S/4HANA, companies need to think about how they will organize and map their customer-related processes in marketing, sales, and service in the future. There are various options for the CRM transformation.

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Transformation of SAP service landscape | IBsolution
From SAP Customer Service to SAP S/4HANA Service

Transformation of your SAP service landscape

Until the end of 2030, SAP Customer Service will still be supported by SAP S/4HANA in compatibility mode. After that, it will no longer be possible to use SAP CS under SAP S/4HANA. This raises the question for companies of a suitable alternative.

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Integration HubSpot and SAP C4C | IBsolution
The right content at the right time

Integration of HubSpot and SAP Cloud for Customer (C4C)

In integrated interaction, HubSpot and SAP Sales Cloud are able to optimize the marketing and sales process. The solutions start at different stages: While HubSpot is responsible for generating and developing leads, SAP Sales Cloud maps the rest of the process from lead to order.

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Integration of SAP MDG with SAP C4C | IBsolution
Customer data always up to date

Integration of SAP MDG with SAP Cloud for Customer (C4C)

The integration of SAP Master Data Governance (MDG) with SAP Cloud for Customer enables the bi-directional replication of new or changed business partner data records. This means that the latest version of each data record is always available in every connected system in the best possible quality.

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Integration of SAP CX and SAP ERP systems | IBsolution
For optimal customer and service management

Integration of SAP CX solutions with ERP systems

With the connection of SAP Customer Experience to the on-premise solutions of SAP CRM, SAP ERP, and SAP S/4HANA you benefit from uni-/bi-directional synchronization of your master data, full integration of transactional scenarios, and integration of field service and support.

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Web2Lead | IBsolution
Convert web contacts into leads automatically


With the help of Web2Lead, contact data that a prospect enters in a form on your website is automatically transferred to SAP C4C and created as a new lead. This gives your sales staff the ability to generate opportunities from the leads created.

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Digital Work Order Management | IBsolution
Manage work orders efficiently

Digital Work Order Management

Put your way of working on a new basis with the use of intelligent systems. Our experts can help you optimize your processes with cloud-based SAP work order solutions.

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Workforce Management for Utilities | IBsolution
Energy industry 4.0

Workforce Management for Utilities

Faults in the power grid must be fixed as quickly as possible. To do this, network operators need a holistic workforce management system that takes into account the availability and skills of the technicians when scheduling their work.

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Evaluation Package for SAP Sales/Service Cloud

Test the SAP Sales/Service Cloud with your live data

Are you looking for a solution to optimize your sales and service processes and would like to know whether the SAP Sales or Service Cloud meets your requirements? We make the decision easy for you. With our Evaluation Package you get a fully functional SAP Sales or Service Cloud, which allows you to get to know the solution in detail.

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Starter Package for SAP Sales Cloud

Get started with the SAP Sales Cloud

You want to move from to the SAP Sales Cloud or consolidate existing CRM systems in the SAP Sales Cloud? You tell us when, we do the rest.

Make the SAP Sales Cloud your central tool for managing valuable customer data. Our Starter Package is designed for customers who have used to manage customer contact data and now want to manage that data in the SAP Sales Cloud.

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Business Package for SAP Sales Cloud

The fastest way to use the SAP Sales Cloud productively in sales

Do you use intensively in sales to manage contact data, support the sales process and create quotations? And you want to be able to maintain existing customer relationships in the SAP Sales Cloud?

We ensure a smooth transition from to the SAP Sales Cloud. We ensure that existing customer master and transaction data, for example leads and opportunities, arrive in the target system in the best quality and that your sales department can work as usual.

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Enterprise Package for SAP Sales Cloud

How to switch without risk

You want to replace with the SAP Sales Cloud and take all data from the inventory system with you? The Enterprise Package offers you the complete solution for the complete migration of your customer data. Without data loss, we transfer contacts, customers, campaigns, opportunities, leads, attachments, and activities – everything you’ve worked hard to acquire remains intact.

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Process Package for SAP Sales Cloud

Get started right away

Our Process Package Sales for SAP Sales Cloud is based on best practices of our customers. You receive a preconfigured CRM system so that your sales can get started immediately. So you have all relevant information about your customers and sales opportunities at a glance at all times.

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Process Package Complaint Management for SAP Service Cloud

Deal with complaints transparently

The Complaint Management for SAP Service Cloud process package gives your customers the ability to submit complaints to you easily and through multiple channels. Your customer service staff will benefit from 100% transparency and from processes that are tailored to your company and your customers.

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Client and courier during order transfer, horizontal


Offer your customers exactly what they want

The right software is a fundamental prerequisite for comprehensive customer service. SAP CX provides companies with a 360-degree view of their customers. This enables companies to accompany their customers throughout the entire customer journey, to provide them with the right information at the right time, and to provide them with suitable offers that create added value. In addition, resources in marketing, sales and customer service can be deployed exactly where the greatest potential lies.

SAP Customer Experience solutions combine the former products SAP Hybris and SAP C4C (Cloud for Customer) as well as the purchased solutions from Gigya, Callidus Cloud and Coresystems into a customer-centric end-to-end solution. The CRM suite centrally stores huge amounts of data about existing and potential customers and makes this data available in real time. This enables companies to analyze the entire contact history and use the knowledge gained to make decisions that optimize the entire customer journey and customer experience.

How do you benefit from SAP Customer Experience solutions?

  • You identify and seize new sales opportunities.
  • You build and continuously maintain long-lasting customer relations.
  • You react in real time to market changes and trends.
  • You bring your mobile strategy decisively forward.

Customers today expect consistent, personalized experiences across all channels. They want to decide for themselves whether they shop stationary or online, how they find out about products and whether they contact customer service by phone, e-mail or via social networks. Regardless of their preferred communication channel, performance, service and price must be right. Those who meet or even exceed their customers’ expectations turn them into regular customers who remain loyal to the company. SAP C/4HANA is the right tool for this.

All solutions of the SAP Customer Experience Suite can be integrated into existing SAP landscapes and linked to 3rd-party systems to complete the view of customers and prospects. The mapping of comprehensive processes and direct interaction with SAP S/4HANA or SAP ERP 6.0 as backend system are among the greatest strengths of the CRM suite. SAP CX is particularly attractive for companies that already use an ERP system from SAP, as it saves considerable integration and licensing costs and effort. In addition, they do not have to purchase SAP CX as a complete package, but can select the required tools on a modular basis.

Customer Experience Management | Qualtrics | IBsolution
How you will only get 5-star ratings

Customer Experience Management with Qualtrics

In times of digitalization, the purchasing behavior of customers has changed dramatically. Learn to better understand the wishes of your customers and adapt quickly and continuously to changes in their expectations.

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Customer Experience | IBsolution
Turning customers into fans

Customer Experience

Customer experience is an interdisciplinary topic. However, since many companies focus on marketing, sales and delivery of their products and services, a lot of potential in aftersales falls by the wayside. But this is precisely where there are unimagined opportunities to turn customers into fans.

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Omnichannel communication in service | IBsolution
Bundle inquiries on a uniform platform

Standardized customer communication in service

The goal of customer service is to guarantee maximum availability of your machine at the customer's site. A critical success factor for this is the efficient and professional handling of customer inquiries.

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The individual components of SAP Customer Experience

SAP Sales Cloud

The SAP Sales Cloud is a user-friendly and intuitive tool that supports sales processes with data from real-time analyses. Access to relevant data is guaranteed at all times, even when on the road. SAP C4C supports all common mobile devices and thanks to its offline functionalities it provides transparency about the customer when no Internet access is available.

Supplemented by back-office information, a comprehensive view of the customer is created, which enables fast and well-founded decisions in the sales process. The time spent on administrative tasks is reduced, so you can concentrate fully on maintaining your customer relations.

Discover SAP Sales Cloud now

SAP Service Cloud

The more efficiently your customer service works, the higher the customer satisfaction and the higher the loyalty to your company. With the SAP Service Cloud, you can ensure a consistent and seamless customer experience throughout the customer journey across communication channels.

In service, mobile access to corporate data is often required to solve customer problems as quickly as possible. The SAP Service Cloud provides anytime, anywhere access to all relevant information, such as available service personnel, order and service history, and customer profiles.

The right offerings at the right time enable personalized interactions with customers. The software can also be used to bill service calls on site, minimizing errors. You can measure the success of your customer service with meaningful analyses that provide information about team efficiency, among other things.

Discover SAP Service Cloud now

SAP Marketing Cloud

The more individually and contextually relevant you address your customers, the higher the probability of success. With the SAP Marketing Cloud (formerly SAP Hybris Marketing), you can gain deep insight into customer behavior.

In real time, you can track their path across multiple channels, run personalized campaigns, deliver consistent customer experiences, and optimize your marketing performance step-by-step. The SAP Marketing Cloud includes an exceptional set of tools and can be deeply integrated with the SAP Commerce Cloud and other SAP Customer Experience solutions.

SAP Commerce Cloud

Use the SAP Commerce Cloud to sell your products regardless of time and place. The platform not only offers an online shop, but also integrates all digital and physical interaction points such as mobile apps, point of sale (PoS), call center, social media and print. Deliver a consistent, personalized and relevant customer experience everywhere to attract customers who want to come back.

With SAP Commerce Cloud Accelerator, you can build your international multichannel business in a matter of months with a solution that is ready for B2C and B2B deployment, for your specific industry, and for multiple languages and currencies.

SAP Customer Data Cloud

Consumers want to keep control of their personal data. As a result, data protection is an extremely sensitive issue that companies should pay due attention to in order to ensure a long-term, conflict-free relationship with their customers.

The SAP Customer Data Cloud ensures that customer and company data is protected in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) of the EU and all other relevant guidelines and regulations. User preferences and declarations of consent are centrally recorded, managed, and synchronized. Finally, trust and transparency are important prerequisites for customer loyalty.

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