BRFplus or BRF+ (Business Rule Framework plus) is a standard SAP tool that separates business rules from coding. All tables in the SAP system can potentially be included and used in the framework. The special feature: Different functions, for example read or write commands, but also function calls can be written without a single line of code. Users are able to flexibly maintain the business rules in different formats that best suit their requirements.



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What you need for BRFplus activation

BRFplus is part of SAP NetWeaver Application Server ABAP version 7.02 and higher, so there are no additional license fees to use BRFplus. For the activation of BRFplus only ICF services have to be activated. After all services have been activated, you are ready to go. Whether the SAP system is an ERP system, SAP S/4HANA or SAP MDG does not matter. BRFplus can be used on all SAP on-premise systems.


Business case: creating a business partner

In this blog post, we’ll look at how BRFplus communicates with the SAP system and how it can be used. BRFplus is not tied to a specific SAP system, but can be used universally. Implementation is quick and easy because BRFplus has a generation function that allows the BRFplus application to be imported into the system without much effort.


For our case study, an ERP system is used, where an application is interposed before the business partner’s investment process, with which applications can be created. In this process, the user creates an application and links it to the desired business partner.


Sample applications are:

  • Application for Covid cases

  • Application for environmental disasters

After all business partner information has been maintained, an additional four-eyes principle is run through and the business partner is finally created.


Anlegen Geschaeftspartner ohne BRFplus englisch


When data is maintained manually, errors happen. Therefore, it makes sense to switch a BRFplus application as support between the request application and the creation of the business partner. The BRFplus application checks the business partner’s input data and generates warning or error messages, if necessary, in order to additionally increase the data quality.


Anlegen Geschaeftspartner mit BRFplus englisch



With the help of BRFplus, data can be kept clean and complete. This prevents unnecessary additional work in data maintenance when errors have to be corrected afterwards. BRFplus can be easily and universally implemented in any SAP system. We have used a concrete example to show how such an implementation can look at the business level.


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