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Master data – the basis for your success

Customer and supplier data, material, article and financial data - high-quality master data is an indispensable success factor for companies. It offers valuable insights and provides the basis for efficient business processes. To meet these requirements, however, the data must be up-to-date and consistent and must be available to all departments.

For master data management, SAP offers a comprehensive portfolio of solutions covering data integration, data cleansing, and data governance. These solutions enable you to standardize and automate your data management processes, eliminating errors and duplication of effort. In addition, you ensure consistently high data quality and adhere to all compliance regulations.

We have more than 10 years of experience in master data management and support you in your challenges with fixed price packages and individual solutions.

We are your partner for master data management

With more than 750 successful projects with over 400 satisfied customers IBsolution is your experienced partner for sustainable master data management (MDM). Benefit from our many years of expertise.

In close coordination with you we develop comprehensive strategies, define and implement processes, offer downstream support and train your employees. Thanks to our best-practice offerings, you benefit from solutions that are ready for use within a very short time.

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  • Data quality
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Your path to increased data quality and simplified data management

Data Governance | IBsolution
Framework for successful master data management

Data Governance

Data governance ensures that data is managed and maintained in a consistent and disciplined manner. It defines precise responsibilities, establishes data ownerships and ensures a stringent security concept. Furthermore it designates clear roles that are responsible for compliance with data quality and implement the strategic requirements from a functional perspective.

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Standard Process Package Finance for SAP MDG | IBsolution
Accelerator for your MDG-F project

Standard Process Package Finance for SAP MDG

Our Standard Process Package Finance for SAP MDG is a standard solution for the implementation of master data processes of financial objects in SAP Master Data Governance for Financials (MDG-F). With only a few transports the lifecycle processes Create, Change, Lock/Unlock, Set deletion flag and Delete are provided.

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Standard Process Package Business Partner for SAP MDG
How to use SAP MDG immediately

Standard Process Package Business Partner and Materials for SAP MDG

Start with a preconfigured SAP MDG system with best practices from more than 15 years of consulting expertise. In this way, you implement SAP MDG three to six months faster, with costs reduced by up to 30 % compared to conventional implementation projects.

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EVIMENDO.rules_control | Optimized UX for SAP MDG
Edit master data faster and easier

EVIMENDO.rules_control | Optimized UX for SAP MDG

EVIMENDO.rules_control increases data quality by a simple and central maintenance of rules, validations, derivations, fields and building blocks. Avoid errors and facilitate the work of the users.

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Master data always correct and up-to-date


Validate and enrich your master data with information from external providers. EVIMENDO.external_services enables you to connect external data sources, e.g. from business information agencies, geo data providers and many more, directly to your SAP system.

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Review Package for SAP MDG
Make sure your SAP MDG runs with high performance

Review Package for SAP MDG

Depending on the package you choose, we look for anomalies in the UI and in the workflows. We look at and analyze the programming code and architecture of your system. You will receive tips on how to eliminate the problems, which we will be happy to implement for you if you wish.

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SAP Data Migration | IBsolution
SAP data migrations − fast, secure, calculable

Migration services for SAP system landscapes

Benefit from our years of experience in the field of data migrations in SAP landscapes, which allows us to offer even extensive projects at a fixed price.

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Managed master data: relevant for each department

The goal is to build a clean data master and keep it permanently clean. In this context, the integration of departments or entire companies, for example, is a major challenge because an enormous number of changes and new installations are involved.

Company-wide standardized charts of accounts, profit centers, cost centers and their hierarchies simplify and accelerate the creation of financial statements. Costly consolidation steps are avoided and significantly reduce the workload for the finance department at the end of the quarter.

Valid master data for customers and suppliers reduce process errors to a minimum. Invoice corrections are a thing of the past, orders go to the preferred supplier with the correct data and payments are correctly instructed at the right time. This increases the satisfaction of your customers, creates trust in the cooperation with your suppliers and reduces the manual effort for post-processing in your company.

Correct material and article master data is not only essential for production and warehouse logistics. Accounting, purchasing, sales and quality management must also be able to rely on the correctness of these data records. As far as creating and changing master data is concerned, it is important to ensure, not only from a process point of view but also for compliance reasons, that master data changes are fully documented and only carried out by authorized persons.

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SAP MDG: Enrich material master data using Icecat

Icecat is an open catalog for product information management. It includes millions of product information items in multiple languages that are published and distributed worldwide.
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SAP Data Quality Management | SAP DQM | IBsolution
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How to permanently increase the quality of your data with SAP DQM

Since release 1809 of SAP S/4HANA, SAP Data Quality Management (DQM) can be activated and used as a component of SAP Master Data Governance (MDG).
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SAP MDG: Create and manage master data in high quality

Data is a key strategic element for digital transformation.
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The SAP solution: Master Data Governance

With SAP Master Data Governance, you create and maintain master data centrally in the company and provide all business units with consistent, correct master data.

For accurate financial statements, timely deliveries, insightful sales forecasts, and courteous customer service, reliable, up-to-date master data is essential. SAP Master Data Governance (MDG) is an integrated solution for master data management. It enables you to consolidate, maintain, and distribute master data throughout your organization. The advantages: high master data quality and minimal manual effort for creating and post-processing master data.

In large companies with heterogeneous IT landscapes, master data is maintained in many places. Departments or locations enrich the data records with additional attributes. However, errors can occur during manual maintenance, resulting in incorrect and incomplete data, duplicate data or data in different versions.

To prevent this from happening, use SAP Master Data Governance as the central instance for creating and maintaining master data. SAP MDG consolidates data from SAP and non-SAP systems, delivered on-premise or from the cloud. The result is a “golden record”: all data records are available in a uniform source, with all relevant attributes and in their most up-to-date form. The employees of your company receive an all-round view of the master data objects and can perform meaningful analyses.

Predefined management processes and automated rules ensure that the quality of master data remains high and avoid manual work for post-processing. Adapt master data maintenance to your internal requirements to work as efficiently as possible. SAP Master Data Governance helps you comply with internal and external compliance regulations: All changes to master data are seamlessly logged and can be displayed in audit reports at the touch of a button.

Your benefits with SAP Master Data Governance:

  • New sales opportunities through better customer and marketing data
  • Create accurate reports and financial statements in the shortest possible time
  • Valid data as a basis for decisions
  • Efficient master data management

In addition to the standard version, SAP Master Data Governance is available in special versions for customer, vendor, and material data as well as for the financial area. SAP MDG harmonizes perfectly with your SAP ERP and with SAP S/4HANA by using existing functionalities, data structures, checks and validations. Other solutions for data cleansing and maintenance, such as SAP Data Services or SAP Information Steward, are also compatible. This allows you to further improve and monitor data quality.

SAP MDG: Components for business areas

SAP Master Data Governance for Customer

Improve the quality of your customer master data and simplify data management. A holistic view of your customers makes it easier for you to evaluate customer history, discover new potential and opportunities for improvement and improve the customer experience. You gain deeper insights into your customers’ needs and can develop more relevant products or services.

You also ensure that all employees always have access to the latest data. Whether it’s cross-selling or up-selling campaigns, increasing reorder rates, optimizing delivery or customer service processes, or refining pricing policies, you can achieve your goals with high-quality customer master data.

SAP Master Data Governance for Supplier

With high-quality supplier master data you save time and money along the entire supply chain. SAP Master Data Governance for Supplier eliminates slow and error-prone manual processes in master data maintenance. You create a “single source of truth” and can transparently track all changes to the data.

A clean data basis supports you in better evaluating suppliers, optimizing your procurement processes and negotiating better prices and conditions through strategic purchasing. You always have an overview of your expenditures and can more easily meet compliance requirements in procurement.

SAP Master Data Governance for Material

Manufacturing and logistics companies face complex challenges when maintaining material master data. With thousands of attributes per object, master data management must be integrated and centralized to be efficient and economical. At the same time, a high degree of flexibility is required so that all company departments - from accounting to procurement - can work with it.

SAP Master Data Governance for Material ensures harmonious master data and gives you better insight into your sales, production, and procurement activities. End-to-end transparency for all materials in your products is not only relevant from a compliance perspective, but is also demanded by more and more customers.

SAP Master Data Governance for Finance

Financial statements must comply with all standards and legal requirements such as IFRS and GAAP. This can be a challenge, especially for companies where reconciliations between individual companies are necessary. In addition, management, investors and business partners demand regular, detailed reports.

In order to achieve the required high quality of financial master data, all parties involved must deliver their data at an early stage and incorporate it into a coherent process. With SAP Master Data Governance for Finance, you can establish a centralized financial data management environment for the entire organization. Consistent data and automated reconciliation processes prevent manual errors and execute closings as efficiently as possible.

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