Map complex business processes in SAP without developer knowledge with SAP Business Rule Framework plus (BRFplus)

What is BRFplus and who is it suitable for?

SAP BRFplus or BRF+ (Business Rule Framework plus) is a standard SAP tool that separates business rules from coding. All tables in the SAP system can potentially be included and used in the framework.

The special feature: BRFplus can be written without a single line of code. This means that the framework is not only aimed at developers, but also at business users and experts.

Users can flexibly maintain the business rules in different formats (simple mode and expert mode) that best suit their requirements. BRFplus can be used universally − in an SAP ERP system, in SAP S/4HANA or in SAP MDG.

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With BRFplus, companies benefit from the simplicity and universal usability of the SAP framework. Without much effort, they create a basic framework to implement and extend their customer-specific business rules quickly and easily.

Benefits of BRFplus

Icon Economy

Enhanced data quality


Suitable for application users, business experts and developers


Cost reduction


Mapping of complex rule sets

IBsolution Dashboards

Graphical user interface


High user experience and low training effort

Use cases for BRFplus

  • Validation of business partners and materials

  • Redirection of business processes depending on the authorizations

  • Derivation of values of a business partner or material

  • E-mail notifications for accepting or rejecting new business partners and materials (four eyes principle)

  • Execution of individual price calculations (e.g. additional discounts) for long-term business customers

Features of BRFplus

  • Does not require additional licenses (official part of SAP NetWeaver ABAP Application Server version 7.02 and higher)

  • Can be learned by anyone who has experience with SAP systems

  • Low training time

  • Most of the implementation can be solved without programming knowledge

  • Framework can be integrated into any ABAP-based system environment

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BRFplus or BRF+ is a standard SAP tool that separates business rules from coding. In this article we will look at how BRFplus communicates with the SAP system and how it can be used. BRFplus is not bound to a specific SAP system, but can be used universally.

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