If a company uses modern technologies correctly, it generates considerable business added value. Innovative technologies help to keep business-critical processes running and make relevant data available at the push of a button. They provide users with the right tools and insights to work more efficiently and productively. At SAP, the foundation for such intelligent enterprises is SAP Business Technology Platform. It offers companies an easy way to turn data and efficient processes into business value.



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Uniform basis brings maximum benefit

Applications support business processes holistically and exhibit a high degree of user-friendliness and recognition values if they run on a uniform platform and use standardized development models. SAP Business Technology Platform brings a number of advantages for companies: On the one hand, SAP technologies give them faster and better access to business data. On the other hand, the solutions can be easily extended to meet customer-specific requirements. The entire SAP stack of applications and technologies works seamlessly together on SAP Business Technology Platform. At the same time, SAP solutions are open so that they work harmoniously with technologies from other providers. This is also known as the Intelligent Suite.


Internal and external integration

SAP Business Technology Platform creates the prerequisites for integrating SAP applications, making life easier not only for users but also for administrators. In addition to a seamless user experience with identical interfaces, it also ensures uniform user & identity management. Coordinated domain models ensure that all SAP applications speak the same language.


Integrated analysis solutions within the applications provide an all-round view of customers and your own company. The publication of the reference architectures on api.sap.com helps to accelerate the integration of SAP and non-SAP solutions. By the end of 2020, 90% of the functions and features mentioned are to be implemented for the applications of the Intelligent Suite.


Turning data into insights

With SAP Business Technology Platform, companies are equipped for current and future challenges. One of these is undoubtedly the increasing complexity of the data landscapes in companies. SAP’s database and data management solutions can help here. As a central database, SAP HANA optimizes data storage and processing. SAP HANA Cloud sets new standards in terms of speed and performance for the cloud-based management of corporate data.


A large number of companies say that they have difficulty using the existing huge amounts of data for their own business activities. Here, too, SAP Business Technology Platform offers suitable solutions: SAP Data Warehouse Cloud and SAP Analytics Cloud provide easy access to key data for innovative analysis and planning. In this way, decisive insights can be gained from the existing data material.


Process automation with SAP Business Technology Platform

Anyone involved in optimizing and accelerating processes inevitably comes across the topics of artificial intelligence and machine learning. With SAP Business Technology Platform, companies create the conditions for developing such intelligent technologies and integrating them into their processes. For example, complex manual tasks can be automated with the help of SAP Robotic Process Automation. SAP Data Intelligence covers the entire data lifecycle for all data types and sources, enabling companies to implement machine learning projects.


Conclusion: Agile and flexible into the future

SAP Business Technology Platform is the basis for the intelligent enterprise. It ensures that all SAP applications are user-friendly and optimally integrated. Non-SAP applications can also be connected and extended based on SAP Business Technology Platform. The embedding of artificial intelligence in the applications promotes innovations for business processes. SAP Business Technology Platform provides the speed and agility required to enable companies to react flexibly to dynamic business requirements and to draw the right conclusions from existing data.


You want to develop customer-specific applications and innovative services?

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