SAP Business Technology Platform: Unified environment for innovations in the cloud

Simplify the interaction of systems and applications with the integrated solution modules of SAP Business Technology Platform and create added business value with individual extensions for your applications 


What is SAP BTP? Basis for the intelligent enterprise

Previously, SAP’s platform-as-a-service offering was known as SAP Cloud Platform (SCP). With the renaming to SAP Business Technology Platform (BTP), SAP has not only changed the name, but also the strategic positioning of individual components. On SAP Business Technology Platform, current and technically innovative functions are realized in the form of services. This gives companies easy access to new technologies such as Machine Learning, Internet of Things (IoT) or Robotic Process Automation (RPA), but also to modern front-end technologies such as SAP Fiori/UI5 and other JavaScript-based frameworks. There will be a special focus on SAP Extension Suite and SAP Integration Suite.

The four pillars of SAP Business Technology Platform:

  • Database & Data Management

  • Analytics

  • Application Development & Integration

  • Intelligent Technologies

The extension components of the SAP Business Technology Platform can be used in a modular fashion and simplify the company-wide interaction of systems and applications. As a result, companies are able to quickly generate business value from their data, have better access to relevant information, and develop innovative, modern, and enterprise-wide applications that users enjoy using. The open architecture of SAP Business Technology Platform enables smooth integration of SAP and non-SAP solutions, seamless transition between different applications, and a high level of integration.

As part of “intelligent integration,” the focus is directed even more strongly towards automation. A uniform data model (SAP One Domain Model) and SAP Integration Advisor further simplify the integration process. Manual efforts are significantly reduced with the help of low-code/no-code developments and the implementation of SAP projects with partners such as IBsolution is accelerated.

Benefits and features

  • Unified cloud platform for digital business transformation

  • Connection and extension of SAP and non-SAP applications

  • Smooth interaction of on-premise systems, cloud and multi-cloud architectures, and hybrid landscapes

  • Rapid development of applications thanks to preconfigured services and tools

  • Fast generation of business value from data

  • Seamless integration across the enterprise across applications, processes, and networks

  • Easy access to innovative technologies (machine learning, Internet of Things, RPA)

  • Agile adaptation to dynamic business conditions and customer requirements

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IBsolution is a leader in cloud technologies. This is also evidenced by the award as SAP Partner of the Year 2022 for SAP Business Technology Platform. Benefit from the expertise of the number 1 for innovative projects on SAP BTP.

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Why should companies use SAP BTP?

With applications on SAP Business Technology Platform, so-called cloud extensions, companies extend the capabilities of their SAP ERP or SAP S/4HANA without having to intervene in the basic functionalities of their digital core. The ERP system remains the central system for ensuring core processes, but can be extended agilely and effectively with the latest innovations without any concerns. The right interaction of SAP Extension Suite and the core ERP (SAP ERP or SAP S/4HANA) makes it possible to import new releases in the core without any worries and to always benefit from simplifications and innovations.

SAP Integration Suite plays an important role in the interaction of the components. It enables data from all sources to be brought into a common business context – seamlessly, bilaterally and in real time. Out-of-the-box services make it possible to open virtual doors for suppliers and service providers to share or consume data with them.

SAP Extension Suite

SAP Extension Suite offers functionalities as well as technical services and business services to simplify the development and extension of applications and to support users in creating cloud extensions. The extensions are technically decoupled from SAP S/4HANA and can be implemented independently of the ERP core.

Click here for SAP Extension Suite

SAP Integration Suite

SAP Integration Suite enables software solutions to be integrated quickly and flexibly with other systems on a common platform − regardless of whether the deployment is on-premise or from the cloud, and whether the applications are SAP, non-SAP, or customized.

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