By means of business cases we demonstrate the technical integration of SAP MDG with SAP C4C.


Integrated business processes are nowadways a key to success. That also applies when you look at your customer's lifecycle and the connection between current prospects and later customers. In order to work most benificial, the seamless integration of your C4C-System into the Masterdata Governancen System is a must: The Integration between SAP Cloud for Customer and SAP Master Data Management ensures the availability of the harmonized latest version of data records in both systems at an optimal data quality without any risk of duplicates. Changed or newly created records are synchronized without the risk of data loss, and master data information is made available so that transactional business can flow between C4C and the connected client systems. MDG ensures that all connected client systems including ERP are provided with the latest versions of your customers' data. In this Webinar you will learn WHY the integration makes sense, WHAT are the different integration scenarios and business cases and HOW you integrate SAP MDG with the SAP C4C technically.

Target audience:

  • IT staff dealing with system integrations
  • IT manager responsible for MDG
  • CRM manager responsible for C4C


  1. Advantages of integration
  2. Integration Scenarios between SAP MDG and SAP C4C
  3. Business Cases

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