On October 6, 2020 the 2nd SECMENDO Online Conference of IBsolution will take place. From 10 a.m. to 11 a.m. participants will learn about the latest trends in identity and access management (IAM) in SAP landscapes. The virtual event is aimed at IT managers, persons responsible for SAP identity management and employees in IT security. Participation in the 2nd SECMENDO Online Conference is free of charge.


IAM challenges in multi-cloud and hybrid landscapes

User lifecycle management is the main topic of the conference. The experts from IBsolution will first of all examine what is already possible from a technological point of view in the area of SAP Cloud Security and what special challenges arise for identity and access management in multi-cloud and hybrid landscapes.


Again and again, companies have to realize that the process of user lifecycle management does not run smoothly in practice, despite suitable technological prerequisites. This can have various reasons. The products from the SECMENDO family are designed to address such “pain points”: As add-ons, they offer useful enhancements to the SAP standard and keep the user lifecycle management process running. Short live demos at the 2nd SECMENDO Online Conference will demonstrate the strengths of selected elements from the SECMENDO product family and their applications.


Involve users with attractive interfaces

An essential prerequisite for a functioning user lifecycle management is the integration of users into the process. In reality, this is difficult due to complicated and unclear interfaces. The SECMENDO.ui_generator transforms the existing WebDynpro tasks into modern UI5 interfaces in Fiori design. At the 2nd SECMENDO Online Conference a customer example will demonstrate how user-friendly user interfaces strengthen the acceptance of identity and access management in the business department.


Managing roles and permissions in a growing number of cloud applications is another current challenge for identity and access management. This is where SECMENDO.connect comes into play, which uses numerous standard connectors to ensure automated distribution of authorizations in the right systems and applications. At the 2nd SECMENDO Online Conference, SECMENDO.connect for Jira will be presented, with which group permissions and -assignments can be administered.


New function merges roles

The simpler a process is designed, the more it is used by the users. However, this also increases the risk that the number of roles and authorizations will increase sharply and lead to a confusing overall picture. To prevent this, there is SECMENDO.authority_audit. A new function of this add-on checks the existing roles for similarities and merges them at a certain coverage level.


In order to keep track of the jungle of authorizations, SECMENDO.report can also be used to create reports from SAP Identity Management at the push of a button. This way, automatic documentation ensures traceability at any time when assigning roles and authorizations. The result is a meaningful overview of who in the company has access to which data.


Authorizations as an important topic in SAP S/4HANA conversion

The SECMENDO products can also simplify the migration to SAP S/4HANA – either as a conversion or a new implementation. This is because companies are faced with the task of dealing intensively with their historically grown authorizations. It is essential to transfer existing user roles into the system and to create new roles correctly. Participants at the 2nd SECMENDO Online Conference will find out exactly how this can be done.

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