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Identity and Access Management


Progressive networking across company borders, digitalized processes, organizational changes with changing responsibilities, company acquisitions and trade offs are typical challenges of modern acting companies.

While IT systems are becoming more and more complex as a result, the internal and external requirements for compliance, transparency, risk management, and identity and access management are also increasing.

Changes due to the introduction of cloud systems and their connection to a central user and authorisation management make hybrid security landscapes necessary, which can no longer be implemented with antiquated solutions such as central user administration (CUA). Especially in the SAP environment there are further challenges that come along with the implementation of SAP S/4HANA. For example, how can I fill the system with users and authorizations practically at the push of a button?

Providers of identity management solutions such as SAP have taken up precisely these challenges with their identity and access management (IAM) software.

IAM tools pursue different goals

Avert economic damage to the company

A well thought-out and largely automated identity and access management prevents dangers. Role and authorization concepts as well as stored rules and regulations ensure, for example, that SoD (Segregation of Duty) guidelines are adhered to - for example, that an employee who orders a company asset cannot release his own order himself. In this way, identity and access management tools reduce potential misuse and thus prevent damage to the company.

Reduce administrative overhead

Digitalized processes in identity and access management offer considerable potential to simplify and accelerate administrative processes. Intelligently combined with HR management systems, they support the complete employee lifecycle from the time an employee joins the company, through his or her professional development, to the time he or she leaves. When changes are made, the system immediately checks whether new rights in the systems conflict with the applicable compliance guidelines. When an employee leaves the company, the system ensures that no unauthorized access can occur on the cut-off date.

Connectors ensure that your SAP IdM automatically communicates with a large number of connected systems.

Integrate external staff and partners

Identity and access management systems allow access rights to be extended to external partners without compromising security. Processes can thus be mapped across company boundaries through the use of on-premise applications, mobile apps and SaaS solutions. This simplifies collaboration with external partners, increases productivity and ensures higher revenues and profits.

Relieve IT department and helpdesk

Identity and access management systems reduce the processing time of helpdesk calls. Standard processes such as resetting passwords are completed with just one click. Self-services even enable the end user to carry out such processes himself. As a result, not only the processing time for helpdesk tickets is reduced, but also their number.


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Our Offer

The introduction of an identity and access management does not have to be complicated and unpredictable. We have already accompanied many projects of all sizes: lean solutions for medium-sized businesses as well as global rollouts in corporations.

Together with you, we develop concepts, help with the implementation and connection of systems, develop individual extensions and train your employees. With our ready-made packages, you can rely on solutions that work and are ready for use in the shortest possible time. This enables us to offer you a large part of the required content at a fixed price. The core is formed by predefined processes and best practices, which many of our customers already use successfully.

With these methods, we not only help you with the implementation. You can also maintain and manage the solutions independently afterwards, or you can trust us to operate your SAP IdM (SAP Identity Management): We call it Customer Success.

We support you with your challenges in the following areas:

  • Automated management of digital identities over the entire life cycle (Identity Lifecycle Management - ILM)
  • Protection of your company data against unauthorized access
  • Adherence to compliance guidelines and their documentation
  • Optimization of administrative processes
  • Transparent reporting


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SECMENDO products

SECMENDO - Products to enhance your SAP IdM system

Benefit from simplified interfaces for SAP IdM, extended reporting and monitoring options and end-to-end processes without disruption.


Break down grown structures and clean up your roles and authorizations in preparation for SAP S/4HANA

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Customize authorization roles based on authorization traces.

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The easy way to manage authorizations with SAP Identity Management (IdM).

Create an UI5 user interface for your SAP Identity Management system in just 5 minutes that will inspire your users - operable even on the road with your mobile device.

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Build your perfectly tailored self-service offering for SAP Identity Management.

Offer employees and managers the ability to apply for and manage authorizations themselves via user-friendly self-services.

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24×7 transparency and monitoring of your SAP IdM landscape and provisioning processes.

Avoid economic damage to your company with our monitoring tool.

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Reports from SAP IdM at the push of a button.

You are thus optimally prepared for every audit. Make life easier for you and the auditor.

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The easy way to manage authorizations with SAP Identity Management (IdM).

Grant authorizations automatically in the right systems and applications.

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Trust our expertise from a multitude of successfully completed projects in identity and access management.


Identity und Access Management

What is Identity and Access Management?

Identity & Access Management (IAM) deals with the administration and maintenance of user roles and access rights of individual users to applications and cloud services. This primarily involves the authentication and authorization of users according to their role in the company, i.e. the determination of their identity and associated access rights.

The authentication ensures the actual identity of the user. In the simplest case, this is done via user name and password, but can also be done via multi-factor authentication or authentication based on biometric features. After successful authentication, it is now necessary to authorize the user correctly. This means providing them with exactly the access rights and information they need to do their job. Which roles a user is assigned to and which authorizations he or she therefore has is usually stored in a database or an identity and access management system such as SAP Identity Management (SAP IdM).

Software for Identity and Access Management

Identity and access management systems support the IAM process and offer a wide range of functionalities for automating the assignment of authorizations and for mapping the complete identity lifecycle management - starting with the entry of an employee into the company, through departmental changes and changes in the area of responsibility, to leaving the company. The identity and access management communicates as a central unit with all connected systems ideally via so-called IdM connectors.

Established software solutions for Identity and Access Management (IAM), for example SAP Identity Management, thus include options for making the entire identity lifecycle more effective:

  • Automatic provisioning of users (on- and offboarding)
  • Workflow Management and Self-Services
  • Password management
  • Single Sign-On (SSO)
  • Role-based access control and access governance
  • Reporting, Audit & Compliance

In addition, identity and access management systems ensure complete documentation of the assignment of authorizations and ensure that compliance guidelines such as SoD (Segregation of Duty) are observed.

SAP-Software for Identity and Access Management

SAP Identity Management (SAP IdM) and SAP Access Control

SAP Identity Management and SAP Access Control focus on the traceable management and consistent distribution of digital identities throughout their life cycle - assignment, repeated adjustments, deletion. The solution enables you to flexibly map your individual workflows so that required user accounts, roles and authorizations can be assigned in a rule-based and automated manner. All changes to authorizations and user data are logged in a traceable manner. In this way, SAP Identity Management makes a major contribution when it comes to complying with legal and internal compliance regulations.

SAP Cloud Identity Access Governance

SAP Cloud Identity Access Governance (IAG) is the first of a series of services in a new cloud identity management solution. It helps you manage access rights and streamline processes through centralized reporting of all user activities in your systems. These analyses enable you to identify and resolve role conflicts or access problems early on. You can permanently refine your identity management and strengthen compliance. SAP Cloud Identity Access Governance makes an enormous contribution to modern, cost-efficient risk management.

  • Graphical, customizable dashboards
  • Real-time analyses for immediate reactions in critical cases
  • Adjustable user rights if required dynamically during operation
  • Preconfigured reports for compliance audits
SAP Single Sign-On (SSO)

During their daily work, your employees alternately use different applications, each of which requires them to authenticate themselves with their own access data. This is not very user-friendly and can also pose a real security risk. SAP Single Sign-On solves this problem for you. The solution provides you with a central management of access data to which you can connect all your systems - SAP and non-SAP applications as well as mobile devices of all kinds. Thus, each user only needs to remember one user ID with which he or she can log on once for all applications.

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