Reports out of SAP IdM on a tap: be prepared for audits

Make your life and your auditor's one easier

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Audit reports on a tap out of SAP IdM



Comes with the most common audit reports


Create and adapt reports without any programming knowledge


Enables the provision of gdpr compliant reports

The easiest way to create audit reports

One important part of a company audit is the review of a company's IT security measures. Thereby it's however not only about the measures taken by companies to protect themselves against unauthorized accesses from the outside but it's also about who in the company has the right to access sensible data. Authorization and control assignment related to processes, which are often used in SAP Identity Management (IdM) are critically questionable and hard to test if they are compliant with regulatory regulations. enables you to create necessary reports on a tap, without IT-knowledge.

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Easily create reports on users and authorizations

  • No additional software component required. works directly on the SAP IdM database and uses its user and authorization management

  • Simple and self-explaining SAP UI5 user interfaces give the auditor the right to do spot checks and to generate effective reports

Includes the most common standard report

  • Authorizations of each employee

  • Assignment date, date of removal

  • Role of the employee at the time of the approval and removal

  • Approver, arbiter, explanation

  • Application number

Price Plan

25,000 €

System requirements: App SAP IdM 8.0


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