How to map your customer-related processes holistically with the help of SAP solutions and how the different areas of your company can benefit from them





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The customer-related processes in the Intelligent Enterprise

The Intelligent Enterprise uses technologies for integrated and agile business processes to operate successfully and sustainably. An important building block here is the lead-to-cash process, which encompasses all points of contact between a company and its customers. The lead-to-cash process extends from initial contact and qualification through the purchasing process and order processing to the provision of services and invoicing. The customer always remains at the center. Lead-to-cash is one of four fundamental processes in Intelligent Enterprises.

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We are the experts for integrated processes

We support companies in mapping their customer-related processes holistically and digitally so that companies can accompany their customers along the entire customer journey. SAP’s Customer Experience (CX) suite plays a key role in this. It comprises the areas of sales, service, marketing, commerce, and customer data. These CX solutions are supported by powerful business processes in the digital core SAP S/4HANA. The processes can be integrated and individually extended via SAP Business Technology Platform to generate maximum competitive advantages. The optional connection of further solutions such as SAP MDG, SAP Analytics Cloud and SAP Data Warehouse Cloud ensures true end-to-end processes that are secured with consistent access and authorization management.

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The lead-to-cash process stretches across multiple SAP solutions that can be integrated as needed. Whether for individual building blocks or for the complete lead-to-cash process – IBsolution is the right partner to take your customer experience to the next level.

How your customer-related processes become an integrated end-to-end process

Different tools for web shop, marketing, customer data, offers and invoices create data silos, lead to inefficiencies in the process and offer a poor customer experience. Therefore, many IT departments and business units are looking for a suitable all-in-one solution that integrates data and processes.

In our view, SAP CX suite is the best software for mapping customer-related processes because it offers a uniform solution for all areas − from management to marketing and sales to service and back office − and integrates data, processes, and applications.

Overview Lead-to-Cash new

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  • Data as the basis for decisions

  • Daily updated, cross-departmental key figures for the visualization of the company’s performance

  • Incorrect decisions based on inaccurate, outdated, and non-integrated data, for example, when developing new products or entering new markets

  • Lost sales and low customer loyalty

Outcome with SAP solutions

  • Fast making of important decisions

  • Overview of the entire company with drill-down into the details

  • Set the right goals and strategies

  • Maximize revenues and profits

  • High return on investment (ROI)

  • Reduction of liabilities

Learn more about reporting with SAP Analytics Cloud

Digital Boardroom / Company Dashboard

The key figures in the Digital Boardroom show, for example, if the new, strategic pump has significantly lower growth rates and sales than planned. A drill-down also reveals that marketing investments in the new product are lower than planned. As a result, the pump lacks visibility in the target group. Consequently, the decision is made to invest in an additional campaign to promote the pump.

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  • Convert unknown users into “known” leads

  • Segment customers based on various criteria

  • Execution of cross-channel campaigns with personalized content

  • Delivering relevant content to avoid boring customers

  • Ensure that product suggestions match real customer needs

  • Measure and track marketing activities and successes and report to management for further budgets

  • Poor communication with sales: too few and poorly qualified leads

Outcome with SAP solutions

  • Ensure future campaigns by reporting relevant metrics ROMIA, ROAS, conversion rates, etc.

  • Good customer experience leads to more sales and higher customer loyalty

  • Correct and connected 360-degree view of customers, contacts and their activities

  • Effective campaigns and contextualized content

  • Tracking of campaign results

  • Transformation of marketing from cost center to success factor

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Registration and Self-Service Preference Management

To be able to distribute marketing content to customers, they must be available as profiles with the appropriate consents. Interested customers can register via forms and manage their data, preferences and data protection settings via self-service.

Business partner integration between SAP S/4HANA Cloud and SAP Commerce Cloud

In order to access uniform customer data in all systems, integrations between the individual SAP products are required. For example, they make it possible to keep SAP Business Partner in SAP S/4HANA, in SAP Commerce Cloud, SAP Marketing Cloud, SAP Customer Data Cloud and in other systems at the same level and synchronized. With the help of “SAP Commerce Cloud Integration with SAP S/4HANA Cloud” it is possible to replicate the SAP Business Partner between the systems.

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Data protection-compliant 360-degree view of the customer profile

The master data of the customer is used in the various processes, for example, to provide relevant content in marketing or to grant the customer access to a service portal or the spare parts store.

Learn more about master data management

Central access and important KPIs

Frequent tasks and key performance indicators are reached directly. This creates high efficiency and transparency in the team.

Segmentation and campaigns

Following instructions from the management board, a campaign is created for the new pump and rolled out to existing customers. A wide range of segmentation options and channels are available for this purpose. Regulatory framework parameters such as the GDPR are taken into account in the campaign.


Lead-to-Opportunity − Opportunity-to-Ouote − Quote-to-Order



  • Creating quotes with the right prices, discounts, and combinations of products and services

  • Compliance with margins

  • Cross-selling and up-selling

  • Communicating with customers on different channels

  • Working in the CRM system on the go with mobile devices

  • Complete information and item numbers, as missing data leads to poor customer experience and missing quota targets

Outcome with SAP solutions

  • Accurate and networked information to operate the system “on the side”

  • Investing precious time in the right deals

  • Increase in the volume of offers

  • Increased efficiency through reduced dependencies on other departments

  • Intelligent support and suggestions based on historical data

  • Accurate quotes and forecast values

  • Continuous improvements through targeted customer feedback

  • Transparency for the customer thanks to commerce integration, resulting in fewer customer calls or emails for status updates

Learn more about SAP Sales Cloud

Sales leads

A notification informs the sales department that a new lead from the pump campaign is available. The classification makes it clear that it is worth investing time in the lead.

Integration of SAP Commerce Cloud with SAP CPQ

SAP CPQ integration with SAP Commerce Cloud helps companies get the right quote with the right product and the right price as quickly and flexibly and without errors. The integration supports both standard products and configurable products.

Opportunity and sales funnel

In order to pursue the project further from a sales perspective, the lead is converted into an opportunity and thus ends up in the sales funnel. From here, a suitable sales strategy can be developed to place the product at the customer.

Quote creation: indirect sales via employees

When converting the opportunity into a quote, the processor has access to all relevant information: pricing, margins, product availability. This minimizes dependencies on other departments, which increases efficiency. Planning and documenting activities enables perfect preparation and presentation of the offer.

Accepting the offer

In addition to the classic sending by e-mail, the offer can also be presented to the customer in the web shop. The customer can accept it there, edit it and track it later.

Create and edit sales order via Fiori app

As of SAP S/4HANA Release 2021, a native Fiori app is available for creating and editing sales orders. It provides an intuitive user experience and simplifies the daily work of sales employees by clearly displaying all important information on a single screen – including easy navigation.

Read more about the Fiori app “Create Sales Order”

Cross- and up-selling and product availabilities

Based on the products in the offer, additional articles and services are suggested. The pricing of these products is done automatically from the SAP S/4HANA system. The automatic proposal of a discount based on historical data increases the probability of winning the deal.

Learn more about the integration of SAP CX and SAP S/4HANA

Mobile access and permissions

The mobile app allows the CRM system to be used on the go, even offline. For example, offers can be approved with a click or voice command.

Web shop and spare parts

The customer can also purchase products or reorder spare parts independently via an integrated web shop.





  • Missing information on technicians, qualifications, availabilities and times

  • High potential for errors due to incomplete information and media disruptions

  • First point of contact for customer anger

  • Overbooking of technicians, wrong priorities and incorrectly planned assignments due to faulty information

  • Sandwich position between customer and technician

  • Contract cancellations, lack of repurchases and poor reputation due to bad service

Outcome with SAP solutions

  • Fast, accurate and efficient assignment of technicians by bundling integrated information.

  • Fast fulfillment of customer requests, resulting in high satisfaction levels

  • Reduction in the number of technician assignments through predictive scheduling

  • Proactive scheduling suggestions based on historical data, skills, availability, and geography

  • Avoidance of implicit knowledge for scheduling technicians

  • Targeted communication between back office, technicians and customer

Learn more about SAP Service Cloud

Scheduling of installations and maintenance work

The installation of the machine ordered by the customer is scheduled directly after the purchase. The scheduling system searches for the suitable service technician and informs the customer proactively.

Learn more about SAP Field Service Management

Integration of SAP Commerce Cloud with SAP Subscription Billing

The integration of SAP Commerce Cloud with SAP Subscription Billing enables subscription and usage-based services to be monetized, sold across multiple channels and touchpoints, billed, and revenue recognized. The integration has several replication processes that conveniently keep data up to date on both systems asynchronously. This allows simple cron jobs to be scheduled to replicate store configurations, customer data, product information, pricing, etc.

Mobile field service

When providing the service, the technician is guided through the process by his mobile app. Work instructions, navigation, knowledge base, feedback and service logs are just a click away. The data is immediately transmitted back to the back office.

Closed-loop feedback through automatic satisfaction survey

After completion of planned or unplanned service operations, the customer receives direct confirmation of the work completed and has the opportunity to express his satisfaction via a survey.

Learn more about Customer Experience Management with Qualtrics

Proactive measures through customer feedback

Based on the feedback, proactive measures are started in the back office. Was the customer dissatisfied with the technician’s qualifications? Were the service levels even exceeded? Would the customer like to buy additional products? Integrating the feedback data into the operational process ensures that the customer’s voice is also heard.


Back office


  • Rapid completion and speedy dispatch of invoices for quick receipt of money

  • Lack of knowledge if products are at the customer and services have been provided

  • No tracking of open items or their follow-ups

  • Poor liquidity, incorrect quarterly figures and angry customers due to inefficiencies in the process

Outcome with SAP solutions

  • Fast and accurate order processing and invoicing

  • Understanding of orders and invoices by customers through integration of actual content and feedback

  • Central system where all data converge without media disruptions

  • Fewer internal queries thanks to transparent data and statuses

Complete overview of the order processing up to the invoice

Complete visibility into order fulfillment, delivery, service, and billing enables cross-departmental information flow and accurate reporting.

Creation of the invoice in SAP S/4HANA

The integration of the sales and service systems with SAP S/4HANA leads to immediate invoicing of services with seamless tracking from the quotation to the order and the service log to the invoice.

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