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Why HR Analytics is a success factor

Human resources are a critical factor in any corporate strategy. To achieve the company’s goals, the right employees must be recruited, developed and retained. The shortage of skilled workers and the change in social values, which puts the focus on topics such as sustainability, diversity, equal pay and work-life balance, are changing the framework conditions for companies’ HR departments.

The aspiration of HR Analytics is to make a decisive value contribution to this and to provide quality-assured data and key figures for fact-based decisions in HR management. From this, options for action and effective measures for corporate management can be derived.

The steadily increasing amount of available data and more integrated HR systems open up new opportunities for HR Analytics. In this context, it is important to ensure a high reaction speed in order to be able to respond to changing market constellations at short notice.

Overall, HR Analytics is increasingly perceived as a strategic corporate function and is emancipating itself from other disciplines of corporate management – with the result of an increasing value for the entire organization.

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Guide: How to increase your employer attractiveness with equal payment

A transparent approach to the issue of equal payment increases employee trust and satisfaction. Externally, a value-oriented corporate strategy and HR work increases the attractiveness of the employer brand. Our guide describes how companies can use the right data to determine the gender pay gap and implement equal payment.

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Modern HR Analytics approaches combine classic topics such as personnel cost planning and personnel reporting with target-oriented concepts for corporate management based on modern, high-performance technologies.

Our HR Analytics offerings in detail

Optimal personnel steering as the basis for successful corporate management

In order to remain competitive, targeted, effective personnel steering is indispensable for companies. Supporting personnel steering with a powerful HR Analytics concept is becoming increasingly important.

With our end-to-end consulting approach, we accompany you holistically from the identification of the relevant fields of action to achieve your HR goals to the development of the right set of key performance indicators to the technical implementation.

We support your company by:

  • Validation of current HR key figures

  • Development of a target picture and a fit-gap analysis

  • Outlining the data flows and system landscape

  • Documentation of the relevant top KPIs

  • Analysis and optimization of reporting

HR Analytics | Personnel Management | IBsolution

Personnel cost planning with the help of a state-of-the-art software solution

We take your personnel planning to the next level. The use of a powerful software solution makes your personnel planning reliable and meaningful.

Tailored to the strategy and business model of the respective company, both job-based and driver- or effect-based planning is possible – or even a combination of the different approaches.

The use of planning software provides a variety of benefits:

  • Support for decentralized planning: decentralized recording, central approval

  • Planning based on defined measures increases transparency on plan contents

  • Simple, intuitive operation and recording of measures

  • Simulation and scenarios

  • Harmonization of different planning occasions (budget, forecast, multi-year planning)

  • Systemic control of processes and workflows

  • Connection of operational upstream systems (SAP and non-SAP)

  • No sending of .xls files by e-mail

  • Avoidance of data leaks through reliable data protection and deletion concepts

Our proven solution AGIMENDO.personnel meets all requirements of a modern software for personnel planning.

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HR Analytics | Personnel cost planning | IBsolution

Support for the technical implementation of HR analytics concepts

The implementation of a steering concept requires specific know-how and certain technical skills. Internal business experts often have a good overview of internal processes, but they sometimes lack the technical knowledge to implement an ambitious HR Analytics concept.

Our team of experienced consultants, who have comprehensive technological expertise, will support you in the implementation of your HR Analytics concepts. We are proficient in both standard SAP products and comparable solutions from other software providers – for an IT environment that is ideally suited to the existing framework conditions.

The approach chosen is based on the company’s individual requirements – from full implementation to coaching approaches.
HR Analytics | Technical implementation | IBsolution

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AGIMENDO.personnel | IBsolution
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Hardly any planning has to be as flexible, agile and reliable as personnel (cost) planning. With the help of AGIMENDO.personnel, companies can plan with just a few mouse clicks, while the central (personnel) controlling department maintains a constant insight into the planning. In this way, those responsible are able to make statements about personnel development at any time.

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Dos and don’ts in personnel controlling

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Dos and don’ts of personnel cost planning

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