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Why smart enterprises are superior

The ability to map their business processes end-to-end is becoming increasingly important for companies. In this way, they achieve higher and accelerated value creation, are able to react quickly to changes, increase their productivity, and are more resistant to crises.

A decisive prerequisite for the realization of end-to-end business processes is an integrated IT landscape. In it, SAP S/4HANA plays a central role − as digital core that supports processes in the best possible way, uses intelligent technologies, and offers advanced analytics.

In close interaction with SAP S/4HANA, SAP Business Technology Platform (BTP) also represents an important component of the smart enterprise. It combines data management, innovative technologies such as machine learning and artificial intelligence, application development, automation, integration, and analytics tools in a unified environment.

With the functionalities and services of SAP Business Technology Platform (BTP), IT landscapes can be flexibly expanded and new business models can be implemented in a short time. SAP BTP helps accelerate innovation and unlock business potential. For example, we enable our customers not only to integrate SAP and non-SAP applications, but also to add customer-specific functionalities in standardized cloud environments.

Flexibility, scalability, speed and automation are also important factors in shaping customer relationships. The Customer Experience (CX) suite of SAP maps customer-related processes holistically and digitally. This makes it an ideal fit for a future-proof system architecture.

Smart enterprises offer an excellent customer experience. Personalized, networked customer experiences with the right approach at every touchpoint across the entire customer journey are crucial to this.

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Today, companies have to cope with extremely dynamic framework conditions. Whether they succeed depends on a number of factors: permanent access to up-to-date, uniform data, the use of innovative technologies, and the realization of automated end-to-end processes. This enables companies to flexibly and quickly establish new business models and offer extraordinary customer experiences.




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Let us put your business processes and IT architecture on a sustainable footing together. Benefit from our integrated approach to process and technology consulting. As SAP Partner of the Year 2022 for SAP Business Technology Platform, we extend your digital core with customized applications and innovative services.
SAP S/4HANA | Digital Core | IBsolution

Digital Core

SAP S/4HANA represents the central starting point for companies to adapt their entire IT landscape and business model to the challenging conditions of the market. As the digital core of the intelligent enterprise, SAP S/4HANA forms the technological basis for companies to manage end-to-end processes – across departmental and company boundaries.

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Customer Experience | IBsolution

Customer Experience

Successful companies put their customers first and provide a seamless, personalized customer experience along the entire customer journey. SAP Customer Experience brings customer-related processes in sales and service into the digital age. In this way, companies not only exploit additional revenue potential, but also reduce costs through process automation.

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Platform | IBsolution


The extension and integration modules of SAP Business Technology Platform simplify the company-wide interaction of systems and applications. As a result, companies are able to quickly generate business value from their data, have better access to relevant information, develop modern, user-friendly applications, and accelerate innovation.

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