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New technologies as the basis of digital transformation are driving the business models of the future and bring with them a wide range of innovations in work processes and organizational structure. Complex digitization projects place high demands on your organization and usually run in addition to your day-to-day business.

With our integrated approach to Project Management Excellence, we offer the expertise to realize digitization projects on time and within budget. You get everything from a single source: we advise and support you from the initial project idea to successful project completion.

Our portfolio includes solutions for project management as a service, organizational change management, project management office, and method and user training.

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10 recommendations for successful project management in IT transformation

Professional project management plays a decisive role in the success of IT transformations. If the criteria of time, money, personnel and material can be perfectly aligned, the IT transformation will be successful. Our 10 recommendations will help you establish a goal-oriented project management.

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We simplify your projects with the support of flexibly available project management experts so that you can focus on your value-creating processes. We ensure that the projects optimally support your strategic corporate goals. Through active stakeholder management, we increase transparency for your projects within the company.

Our offerings in detail

Put your project management in the hands of experts

Experience shows that companies have little expertise in digitization projects. On the one hand, there is a lack of human resources, as employees usually have to handle projects in parallel with day-to-day business. Secondly, suitable tools for project management are rarely available. Their acquisition can be quite costly.

As a company for strategy and technology consulting in the SAP environment, we have extensive experience in project management. We bring relevant methodological knowledge (IPMA, Scrum, SAP Activate) and use powerful tools (templates, Jira, MS Project) for a professional execution of your projects. Our Project Management as a Service offering relieves the burden on companies’ internal resources and ensures project success.

This is what we offer you:

  • Quick scan project management

  • Kick-off workshop

  • Project planning

  • Project management

  • Controlling

  • Completion

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Project Management as a Service | IBsolution

Master projects and create the culture of change

The ability to manage change is a key factor in the success of any project. However, companies often lack the necessary OCM skills and an understanding of what Organizational Change Management can actually do.

In order to be consistently successful in the ever faster changing digital world, good project management and also the establishment of Organizational Change Management are required. We bring the project management and Organizational Change Management know-how to your project to accompany the changes and help people implement them.

This is what we offer you:

  • Quick Scan Change Impact Analysis

  • Leadership alignment

  • Stakeholder analysis

  • Change communication

  • People enablement

  • Change workshops

  • Establishment of a change network

  • Success control

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Organizational Change Management | IBsolution

Support for project administration and organization

The management of projects causes a high administrative effort. Due to scarce resources, this effort is anything but easy for companies to handle. This means that either the administration or the execution of projects suffers from this constellation.

With the help of our cross-project and centralized Project Management Office, we ensure an optimal and even workload of the project participants and relieve the project management of administrative tasks.

This is what we offer you:

  • Set-up of the project administration

  • Establishment of communication structures

  • Project controlling

  • Deadline preparation

  • Project management tools

  • Project accounting

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Project Office | IBsolution

Suitable qualifications for those involved in the project

Project management requires specific know-how and certain social skills. Therefore, not every highly qualified specialist is suitable for project work or project management. Especially since internal subject matter experts usually do not have the required methodological knowledge in project management.

We carry out a comprehensive project assessment before the start of the project, during which we determine the training needs that exist within the project team. We then provide the project team members with the knowledge they need to successfully carry out the project work in tailored training courses.

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Method & user training | IBsolution

Discover further elements of our integrated approach to process and technology consulting

Organizational Change Management (OCM) | IBsolution
Create the culture of change

Organizational Change Management

The ability to manage change is a key factor in the success of any project. We bring our Organizational Change Management (OCM) expertise to your project to guide the changes and help people implement them.

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Finance & Controlling Innovation | IBsolution
New approaches to corporate management

Finance & Controlling Innovation

Innovative concepts and solution approaches are the basis for coping with current and future challenges in corporate management. With comprehensive consulting expertise and operational business experience, we integrate all relevant fields of action and ensure sustainable project success.

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Data Governance | IBsolution
Framework for successful master data management

Data Governance

Data governance ensures that data is managed and maintained in a uniform and disciplined manner. It defines clear responsibilities, establishes data ownerships, ensures a stringent security concept, and designates clear roles that are responsible, for example, for compliance with data quality and implement the strategic requirements from a technical perspective.

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Business Planning | IBsolution
End-to-end approach reduces effort

Business Planning

Precise, reliable business planning is a crucial success factor, especially in times of dynamic and complex market situations. With our end-to-end approach and 12 concrete levers, you are able to reduce the effort for business planning and increase the benefits.

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Lead-to-cash process | IBsolution
Holistic mapping of customer-oriented processes


The lead-to-cash process encompasses all points of contact between a company and its customers − from initial contact and qualification, through the purchasing process and order processing, to the provision of services and invoicing. We support companies in mapping their customer-related processes holistically and digitally.

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