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Modern Corporate Planning

In highly dynamic markets, complex competition and an uncertain future, agile business planning is needed to support sound decisions quickly. To make this possible, a high degree of integration and automation is indispensable. Sub-plans must be closely interlinked and planning processes must be automated to a high degree.

Fields of Action

When optimizing planning processes, various fields of action can be considered. 

  • IT-supported planning
  • Integration of sub-plans
  • Plan process control
  • Forecast automation
  • Distributions, derivations, calculation logic, validation
  • Use new technical possibilities
  • Evaluate new planning approaches, which were previously desirable but not feasible.
  • Implementation of individual planning requirements of different business/product areas, based on a uniform and integrated corporate planning.


Current Planning Approaches and Trends in integrated Corporate Planning

Precise corporate planning is a decisive factor for success, especially in times of dynamic and complex market situations. If you want to maintain your competitiveness, you have to make decisions quickly and implement measures based on them just as quickly. In order to meet these requirements, corporate planning must be efficient and time-saving. There are various approaches to this, which are presented in more detail below. 

Planning Approaches and Trends in integrated Corporate Planning

Data-driven Planning

As the basis for all other planning approaches, data-driven planning enables the interplay of different sub-planning. A data-driven company makes operational and strategic decisions on the basis of qualitative and quantitative data. Such data can be key figures such as turnover or profit, but also results from innovative planning models. With the help of data-driven planning, fast and reliable decisions can be made. In their daily work, employees can access the data that is intended for them and benefit from it.

With the help of data-driven planning, it is possible to:

  • reliable forecasts
  • improved business results
  • competitive advantages
  • time savings, higher planning frequencies
and numerous other benefits.

KPI based Planning

As an alternative to the classic bottom-up oriented planning/budgeting, driver-based corporate planning is increasingly becoming the focus of many companies. Here, the focus of corporate planning is on the essential influencing variables/drivers (key figures and factors) of the business that lead to an increase in the value of the company. Based on the company's target planning, influencing factors and their effects are first defined, planned and then measured. With the help of value driver models, the effects of the drivers on the central success factors can be shown. In addition, driver-based planning enables:

  • close integration of strategic and operational planning
  • a quick reaction to changing market conditions
  • more quality and transparency in the planning results
  • less planning and time expenditure due to the top-down approach
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Markets are becoming increasingly complex and dynamic, forcing companies to be more flexible and agile. Companies need to adapt quickly to trends or changes in the market in order to remain competitive.

With the help of simulations, predictions can be made for potential changes in certain processes or measures.

In a simulation, dynamic processes are replicated in a system in order to experiment with the model and gain important insights for reality. In this sense, simulation is a tool for optimising and forecasting key figures. Simulations can be carried out without affecting ongoing operations and are therefore very time and cost-saving. Planning processes are accelerated and decisions can be made soundly and quickly. 


Portfolio Planning

Portfolio planning is a holistic process, starting with strategic planning and ending with operational planning based on different scenarios. With top-down targets and quantitative goals as the result of strategic decisions, with simultaneous breakdown to organizational units and finer temporal granularities.

Highly integrated and tending towards high complexity, portfolio-oriented planning is now very manageable as an overall system with the combination of graphical and value-based representations.


Predictive Planning und Forecast

Particularly in today's age, ever greater quantities of data are being collected by companies and must be processed properly in order to be able to make predictions for the future.

Often, the data is stored in different systems or company units and must first be collected and consolidated before it can be evaluated. However, using manual or partially automated forecasting approaches to make predictions is not only very time-consuming and costly, but also no longer possible once a certain amount of data has been collected.

Predictive analytics approaches, on the other hand, are very efficient and time-saving because they process large amounts of data and automatically generate forecasts. Predictive models use machine learning to learn from past insights and make reliable predictions based on collected data.

The selection of the predictive model is crucial for the success of the company.

Predictive Planning and Forecasting enables:

  • the preparation and processing of large amounts of data
  • faster, more efficient and more frequent forecasts
  • precise and up-to-date forecasts
  • faster decision-making
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As a holistic solution for planning, analysis and reporting, the SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC) offers a central cloud platform with the help of which data can be modelled intuitively and presented in attractive dashboards. The front-end BI tool allows decentralised use and ensures uniform data and a sound basis for decision-making throughout the company.

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With SAP S/4HANA Embedded Planning, you report and plan in real time and analyse data directly in the source system. The ad hoc availability of data enables faster decision-making and higher decision quality.

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The latest BPC version (Business Planning and Consolidation) on SAP HANA and a newly developed BW environment corresponds functionally to SAP BPC embedded.

With the help of SAP BPC, data models can be delivered via Business Content and created as simulations using data-driven KPIs on SAP BW/4HANA.

As a front-end approach without BW integration, departmental planning can be carried out decentrally and consolidations implemented.

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Modern Sales Planning in the SAP Analytics Cloud 

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With the help of predefined processes and important functions, AGIMENDO.invest transfers the planning and control of your investments and projects into your SAP (BW) system. Simply select the license model that fits your requirements.

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Hardly any planning has to be as flexible, agile and reliable as personnel (cost) planning. With the help of AGIMENDO.personnel, you can plan in clear interfaces and with just a few mouse clicks, while the central (personnel) controlling department keeps a constant eye on the planning. This way, you always make the right decisions and are always informed about your personnel development.

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