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Understanding the rules of the game

Similar to a strategy game, understanding the rules of the game and quickly adapting to changing situations leads to victory. This behaviour can also be transferred very well to the business world. The keyword is "Experience Economy", where people do not buy products but experiences. Experiences have become an important source of value creation for companies.

Your customer service today

board of directors

High costs in customer service and bad reputation of the company and its products due to negative reviews and poor ratings in social media.

Service Center

Dissatisfied customers due to long waiting times on the phone and insufficiently informed service consultants.

Qualtrics Customer Experience Management before

Service manager

Poor customer reviews and escalations due to inefficient customer care and negative customer experiences.

In times of digitalization, the purchasing behavior of customers has changed dramatically. They inform themselves independently about the wide range of offers on the market and quickly turn away from a product or service if you or others are dissatisfied with an offer. They perceive the products and services differently than before.

But do you know what your customer thinks about your company and your products? Do they find your service outstanding or just sufficient? What emotions are triggered when working with your company? The right time to find out is exactly NOW.

Your customer service tomorrow

Board of directors

Your reputation as a customer-friendly and service-oriented company will be strengthened and improved. In addition, you bind your customers to your company in the long term. Qualtrics Customer Experience Management dashboards deliver real-time customer information to every responsible person in the organization.

Service Center

Qualtrics Customer Experience Management provides valuable information about your customer service operations, such as excessive waiting times. The introduction of concrete countermeasures leads to faster processing times for customer requests and an increase in efficiency of the individual service center employees.

Qualtrics Customer Experience Management after

Service manager

Product Experience, a component of Qualtrics Customer Experience Management, deals with how my customers feel about, for example, the previous ticket system? The insights gained from this can be used to optimize interfaces to consistently meet customer needs. This leads to long-term satisfied customers and to a shorter ticket processing time.

Learn to better understand the wishes of your customers and adapt quickly and continuously to changes in their expectations

Qualtrics Customer Experience Management - SAP's cloud-based customer experience management suite

Data collection - how to get to know your customers best

In order to create a high level of customer satisfaction and thus build a long-term relationship with your customers, you need to know exactly the needs and wishes of your target group. With the practical data collection capabilities integrated with Qualtrics Customer Experience Management software, you can easily "get to know" your customers.

  • Real-time data: Collect customer feedback automatically in real time and always be up to date on what topics are currently occupying your customers.
  • Extensive sources: Whether by e-mail, SMS, online platform, websites, mobile apps or wearables - data from all relevant touchpoints on different channels is continuously collected and clearly consolidated for you.

Implementation - derive measures and involve employees

Successful customer experience management is based on well-coordinated cooperation and requires the commitment of employees from all positions and departments in your company. With Qualtrics Customer Experience Management (CXM) software, you can easily engage them through custom dashboards and integrated action planning:

  • Custom dashboards: Depending on your position and function in the company, different data can be relevant to successfully shape customer experience management. Selected employees are therefore given access to a customized dashboard in which customer insights are presented.
  • Action planning: Qualtrics customer experience management software gives you many options for action planning. Assign responsibilities for individual projects, set deadlines and provide step-by-step instructions to help each employee delight your customers.

Experience Qualtrics in practice and learn how to survey your customers individually with Qualtrics and gain valuable insights for your long-term success


Optimized customer acquisition and retention

Increase in the share of wallets (purchasing power of each individual customer)

Reduction of service costs

Building brand awareness and value

Optimized brand experience


Our Offer

Personal customer care and networked customer experiences have never been more important than today. But few companies are already increasing their competitiveness by consistently optimizing their customer experience.

Learn how Qualtrics User Experience Management can help you leverage your customers' experiences with your business in our CX Workshop.

In our CX-Workshop we focus exclusively on the requirements and wishes of your customers. We invite all employees of your departments to share their individual experiences and ideas with us. You decide whether we focus on a specific topic and touchpoints in the workshop or whether we look at your processes as a whole. Afterwards, our experienced UX designers will work with you to develop innovative concepts to improve the customer journey and customer experience. You receive a strategy for intelligently networked customer experiences and an individual customer approach on all communication channels. This will strengthen your customer loyalty and sales success in the long term.


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> 92%

of the companies expect enormous changes due to customer feedback and new technology trends

> 70%

of the companies already use at least one digital channel for after sales service offers

> 41%

of the companies use mobile devices to process service requests

+ 15%

Sales increase through the integrated analysis of consumer feedback


What customers say about Qualtrics Customer Experience Management

"Since using Qualtrics Customer Experience Management, we have been able to pick up the customer at every touchpoint. It feels like our customers are sitting next to us and constantly telling us how we operate. These insights are very valuable to us. We can finally understand the customer's behaviour and provide them with individual attention."

Director, Customer Insights

"We are more than just customer-oriented. By using Qualtrics Customer Experience Management, we have been able to better predict customer needs. Of course, this has a very positive effect on your satisfaction and loyalty."

Global Practice Director

"By using Qualtrics Customer Experience Management, we are able to conduct our research effortlessly and competently directly within the company. With the helpful tutorials, our team members now quickly learn how everything works. After a few practical exercises you will have a perfect command of the platform - Thank you Qualtrics!"

Research Manager

"With the help of Qualtrics Customer Experience Management, we've increased our brand equity by 18% since 2014, while increasing our global brand ranking from 11th to 9th place - great!"

Digital Manager

"Qualtrics Customer Experience Management survey data provides us with actionable insights to improve our products and conduct personalized sales calls with potential customers. These insights have quickly led us to successful product launches, increased revenue and double-digit improvements in brand perception. This has enabled us to strengthen our competitiveness in the digital environment."

Director Digital Transformation

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