Increase customer service efficiency and reduce service technician travel with mixed reality and SAP Field Service Management (FSM)


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Mixed reality in customer service

Many companies aim to stand out from the competition by providing first-class services. However, the processes necessary to achieve this sometimes require high travel and personnel costs. One way out of this is the detailed and forward-looking scheduling of service employees. This is where sophisticated remote services using mixed reality (MR) come into play.

In the event of unexpected equipment failures, MR-guided procedures using appropriate MR glasses can provide the relevant information to guide customer technicians on-site through the troubleshooting process and solve the problem, or at least identify the cause of the failure in the most efficient way possible.

If the suggested troubleshooting processes are not successful, an expert can be contacted via the mixed reality application to share the technician’s field of view on site. This enables a “first person view” assessment of the situation, and the expert is able to remotely assist the on-site technician in restarting the machine in the best possible way.

This new type of remote customer service provides a similar experience and efficiency to the physical presence of the expert on site.

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Thomas Henzler | PILLER Blowers & Compressors GmbH

“Innovative service and maintenance offerings set us apart from the competition. Our goal is to combine such offerings with sustainable concepts that integrate with our SAP infrastructure. This is where IBsolution and HoloOne come into play. IBsolution’s extensive SAP expertise in SAP Field Service Management and integration services, together with HoloOne’s integrated MR platform, enabled us to roll out a mixed reality offering that is unique in our market.”

Thomas Henzler, Chief Information Officer, PILLER Blowers & Compressors GmbH

Benefits of CXMENDO.mixed_reality


  • Creating added value through software-based remote maintenance and workflow solutions and intelligent services
  • Reduction of carbon footprint and improvement of work-life balance of maintenance staff through reduction of travels

  • Rapid acceptance of the solution by customers and employees through simple and appealing user interface

  • Establishment of new types of processes and use of innovative technologies


  • Increased efficiency in maintenance and service processes

  • Reduced equipment downtime and rapid problem resolution for machine operation and maintenance with MR-supported step-by-step instructions

  • Increased aftersales and service revenue through unique service offerings and world-class remote support

  • Seamless aftersales service, regardless of COVID-19-related travel restrictions

  • Increased customer satisfaction


  • Full integration of MR platform Sphere with existing service systems (SAP S/4HANA, SAP Service Cloud, SAP Field Service Management)

  • Unified MR software to cover multiple use cases

  • Customer service automation based on contextual, step-by-step holographic instructions

  • Easy integration and development of PoCs

Discover the possibilities of CXMENDO.mixed_reality in our demo video

Mixed reality services at the push of a button

Send service calls, work orders, activities and checklists to the mixed reality platform directly from the dispatching board in SAP Field Service Management. There is no need to create work orders and checklists in both systems manually, which leads to reduced efforts and errors.

MR-guided checklists

Guide service technicians remotely through checklists using a mixed reality user interface, allowing them to work without having to operate a tablet or laptop. There is no need to transfer the captured data manually to SAP Field Service Management thanks to data integration functionalities.

Automated processes

Gather immediate feedback directly from the place where it happens and start service processes automatically in SAP Field Service Management based on pre-defined event triggers.

Use pre-configured integration content to start fast

Leverage your SAP Cloud Integration infrastructure with pre-defined and customizable integration packages that help you start with best practices from the beginning. Pre-configured iFlows can be adapted to your needs, letting you maintain a high level of standardization and be quick to implement.

Optimal process support

Gather or even provide useful information for repairs or replacement procedures from SAP Field Service Management without having to interrupt your ongoing work processes.

Scope of services and pricing

CXMENDO.mixed.reality is also available at SAP Store.

Trial edition

  • Setup of an sample scenario with one FSM checklist

Price: 5,000 €

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All-in-one edition

  • Kick-off workshop for onboarding and definition of project scope

  • Implementation of SAP Field Service Management upon request

  • Implementation of desired checklists and scenarios

  • Enablement training and support

Price upon request

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+ 56 %

Remote Resolution Rate

- 35 %


+ 25 %

Service profitability

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