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Innovative extensions on SAP BTP

Higher efficiency in customer service

Simplify now: Make your work life easier

INCEMENDO: Applications for optimized collaboration

The name INCEMENDO stands for extensions that are realized on SAP Business Technology Platform and simplify the daily work of users in many ways. For example, INCEMENDO.cowork automates and standardizes administrative workflows in the quotation process. The collaboration of the involved parties becomes significantly more efficient and faster. With the help of INCEMENDO.data_access, companies develop web applications on SAP ECC and bring them to SAP S/4HANA at no additional cost, effort or risk. INCEMENDO.customer_portal not only ensures higher customer satisfaction, but also saves time and costs in the support center. Companies are able to meet the increasing expectations of their customers and provide comprehensive service.

CXMENDO: Higher service quality through mixed reality

CXMENDO provides service technicians with an app to guide customers through machine and equipment maintenance and repair processes virtually via holo-lens data glasses, without the need for an on-site visit. Using SAP Field Service Management, remote maintenance and repairs are performed in an augmented reality scenario. The reduction in travel reduces the carbon footprint and also lowers service costs while increasing service revenue.

As extensions on SAP Business Technology Platform, the products of IBsolution fit seamlessly into existing SAP system landscapes, increase efficiency, reduce costs and optimally support the business processes of companies.


CXMENDO: Higher efficiency in customer service


Many companies pursue the goal of standing out from the competition with first-class services. INCEMENDO.mixed_reality opens up new opportunities for this. In interaction with SAP Field Service Management, the product offers an innovative type of remote customer service that enables remote repair instructions, reduces travel and service costs, and shortens response times.

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INCEMENDO: Innovative extensions on SAP BTP

INCEMENDO.data_access | IBsolution
SAP ECC extensions become ready for SAP S/4HANA


Make your custom developments compatible with SAP S/4HANA even before the actual migration. INCEMENDO.data_access provides you with the certainty that you will not have to put any more effort into the migration of your extensions during the later changeover.

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INCEMENDO.data_access | IBsolution
Optimized collaboration in the quotation process


INCEMENDO.cowork automates and standardizes the administrative workflows in the quotation process. The application on SAP Business Technology Platform simplifies the collaboration of stakeholders across multiple systems and makes collaboration more efficient.

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INCEMENDO.customer_portal | IBsolution
Customer service anywhere and anytime


Facilitate the work of your internal sales force and increase customer satisfaction through central access to all customer-relevant processes. INCEMENDO.customer_portal seamlessly integrates customer service into your business processes.

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