Automate the administrative workflows around the quotation process so that your employees can focus on content-related work

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Ideal basis for collaboration



Central management of all quotation documents


Focus on the essentials

Typically, numerous participants and many different systems are involved in a quotation process. This results in a high administrative effort − and valuable time is lost that is not available for the content work and the elaboration of the offer.

INCEMENDO.cowork automates and standardizes the administrative workflows in the offer process. The application on SAP Business Technology Platform simplifies the collaboration of those involved across multiple systems and makes collaboration more efficient.

With INCEMENDO.cowork, companies create the appropriate framework within which the preparation of sales offers can take place in a targeted manner. Through integration with Microsoft Sharepoint and Microsoft Teams, basic organizational activities are triggered and executed automatically.

This saves resources and relieves employees, who can instead focus on the content-related matters to lead the offer process to success.


  • Automation of administrative procedures in the quotation process

  • Creation of the structural framework for processing documents and coordinating those involved

  • Consolidation of all relevant information for quotation creation on SAP Business Technology Platform

  • Integration with Microsoft Sharepoint and Microsoft Teams

  • Immediate start of content-related work without losing time to administrative activities

INCEMENDO.cowork automates the administrative workflows in the quotation process through the interaction of SAP Sales Cloud, SAP S/4HANA and SAP Business Technology Platform. As a result, the solution enables the employees involved to start working directly on the content.

How INCEMENDO.cowork works

Creating a sales quote in SAP Sales Cloud

The starting point of the quotation process is usually the CRM system, for example SAP Sales Cloud. Here, a sales employee creates a new opportunity or a new sales quote. INCEMENDO.cowork can not only be used in conjunction with a CRM system, but also works when the sales quote is created in an ERP system such as SAP S/4HANA.

Consolidation of data by INCEMENDO.cowork

INCEMENDO.cowork automatically takes over the information from the sales quote of the CRM system or the ERP system. The application prepares the data on SAP Business Technology Platform transparently and, for example, also names the correct contact persons and the people in charge. This creates transparency around the quotation process.

Creating a suitable Sharepoint structure

Microsoft Sharepoint serves as the central instance for storing all documents that are relevant for processing the quotation. Thus, all participants can access them. INCEMENDO.cowork automatically creates three folders in Sharepoint after creating the sales quote: for documents from the customer, for documents in process and for the final documents. Predefined naming conventions are taken into account in the folder structure to ensure consistent naming and quick retrieval.

Creating the communication channels in Microsoft Teams

Communication is crucial for collaboration in the quotation process. That’s why INCEMENDO.cowork is also integrated with Microsoft Teams. Creating a sales quote in SAP Sales Cloud or SAP S/4HANA triggers another action: creating a defined structure with three sub-channels in Microsoft Teams. Now the responsible employee only has to add the required colleagues.


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