Workshop for Digital Transformation

Make digitization tangible


Ideal introduction to digitization

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Common understanding among employees


Uniform alignment within the company

Bring your employees to the same level in terms of digitization

Everyone talks about digitization - and everyone understands it differently. This makes it a real challenge for companies to get their employees on board with the digital transformation and to prepare them for the necessary changes.

In addition, the starting point of employees can be completely different. What is already a matter of course for one person may represent a major change for another. However, it is essential for the success of digitization projects that those involved have the same basis and a uniform mindset.

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Tilo Freund
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Our Workshop for Digital Transformation is the ideal way to introduce employees and/or managers from different departments to digitization, build a common understanding across the company and lay the foundation for digital transformation in your company.

Key questions

  • What is digital transformation?
  • What does digitization mean for your company?
  • Why should/must I change?
  • Which areas of the company are affected and in what way?
    • Recruiting/HR
    • Accounting
    • Sales, marketing, service
  • Do I need to (re)align my company with my customers?
  • What will happen to my products/services?

Contents and goals

  • Approach to the digital transformation

  • Building a common understanding of the importance of digitization in the company

  • Creation of a common mindset for innovation culture

  • Presentation of innovative approaches to problems

  • Identification of need for further measures such as individual coaching, project support, introduction of new project/working methods, communication structures, etc.

Effort for employees: 1/2 to 1 day (depending on requirements)

Group size: 6 to 12 persons

After the successful completion of the Workshop for Digital Transformation, further measures may be useful, for example:


Short workshop (1/2 day)

1,000 EUR

Workshop (1 day)

1,800 EUR

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