Migration Package for SAP S/4HANA General Ledger

That's how you implement the New General Ledger pragmatically and efficiently on the basis of an existing system

The New General Ledger as a prerequisite for SAP S/4HANA


Easy extensibility


Increased transparency


Reduced costs

Why the New General Ledger?

After the changeover to SAP S/4HANA, there is only one journal table left that is based on the structure of the New General Ledger. For this reason, you must either implement the New General Ledger before the SAP S/4HANA migration or activate it retroactively during the changeover. However, customers benefit from the introduction of the New General Ledger not only in the context of SAP S/4HANA.

Other benefits are:

  • Integration of internal and external accounting including segment reporting

  • Easy extensibility with new procedures of parallel accounting

  • Acceleration of the period-end closing

  • Improved transparency of corporate governance

  • Reduced operational costs

Our Migration Package for SAP S/4HANA General Ledger includes the following services:

  • Merging the FI ledgers
  • Pragmatic introduction of the new general ledger (New G/L) based on the existing system
  • Workshop to clarify the procedure and individual characteristics, including analysis of the data volume
  • Implementation of the New G/L (Customizing)
  • Test conversion
  • Rework
  • Productive changeover

PCA acquisition, SL acquisition, innovations, process improvements, cleanup and archiving are not included in the package and are optional.


29,900 EUR

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