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Efficient cash flow management | Secure liquidity in difficult times

Future-oriented planning and simulation of financial assets to ensure stability and success


Studies show that 80% of the companies are not in control of their cash flow

The challenges of liquidity planning in turbulent times

Especially in turbulent times, it is more important than ever to keep a detailed eye on cash flow. What is optimistic today can endanger the economic existence of the company in the near future. Shorter reconciliation and control cycles for cash flow are necessary, combined with simulation scenarios that allow a look into the future with the highest possible level of detail. 

Measures to increase cash flow

The apparently simplest way to optimize cash flow is to increase corporate revenues - in other words, sales. An approach that only very few companies succeed in times of crisis. Pragmatic approaches are currently in demand that have a quick and positive effect on cash flow.

Agree short payment terms with customers and monitor punctual receipt of money
  • Invoice service directly after service provision with short payment terms
  • On-time payment with a stringent dunning process 
  • Eliminate internal sources of error that can lead to late payment (for example, incorrect invoices)
  • Credit investigation for new customers
Increase own payment targets
  • never pay bills too soon
  • Negotiate longer payment terms with suppliers (creditors)
  • Faster income = higher liquidity
  • Paid receivables mean real cash and are not booked as receivables, thus improving the cash flow
contribute capital
  • Credits
  • Shareholdings
  • Share capital increase
Avoid overproduction
  • Production only on the basis of a concrete customer requirement
  • The focus is not on the utilization of the machines, but on the actual demand of the customer
  • Full capacity utilisation can lead to overproduction
  • Adaptation of planning algorithms in ERP
Optimize direct costs
  • Renegotiate rent and leasing costs
  • Reduce personnel expenses
IBsolution Cashflow optimieren

Which measures to increase cash flow are recommended for my company in the current situation?

4 steps to manage liquidity risks and cash flow

Cash is king. Three words that have become more important than ever in the current climate. If one observes the current economic situation, it is not difficult to predict that companies will only be able to meet the challenges of the coming months with crisis-proof cash flow and liquidity management. Success will be characterized by the ability to use and manage financial resources effectively and efficiently.

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Determine and report key liquidity figures

  • Definition of key figures
  • Automated data collection
  • Calculation of LCR and NSFR including liquidity buffer
  • Standard reports

Early assessment of liquidity development

  • Flexible evaluation possibilities in real time
  • Generation/integration of cash flows at single transaction level for simulation
  • Simulation environments on uniform data sets

Perform simulations on the basis of valid data

  • Analytics for the use of scenarios/simulations
  • Real-time simulation
  • Creation and execution of ad-hoc simulation directly by the user
  • Integration of what-if simulation results

Include liquidity costs in planning

  • Integration of liquidity costs as liquidity spread
  • Management of the liquidity buffer (CBC/HQLA)
  • Definition of the Emergency Funding Plan (CFP)
  • Optimization algorithms for CBC

Professional cash flow management introduced quickly and pragmatically

Excel is not a solution

Anyone who has not yet implemented professional cash flow management based on available data from the ERP or connected systems should hurry up. The current crisis calls for pragmatic solutions that can be implemented  quickly.

If you are not yet using a business warehouse such as SAP BW or if you are missing data in SAP BW, cloud solutions such as SAP Analytics Cloud or SAP Analytics Cloud for Planning can quickly help you achieve your goals. If you are already using SAP BW, add-ons such as AGIMENDO.calc can provide real planning and simulation support.

The following applies to both alternatives: They are delivered with ready-to-use business content and can therefore be deployed very fast.

Realize a detailed cash flow management with simulation possibilities at the highest level of detail. 


Our contribution to the SAP Partner Initiative

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SAP and Partners - Together we are here for you

Especially now you benefit from the expertise of SAP and its ecosystem to act correctly and to overcome challenges quickly.

The current extremely volatile market situation requires a fast and resilient scenario presentation and simulation of how cash flow and liquidity will develop in the near future. 

Introduced in just two days, our consulting package offers you a

  • simulation of measures and their effects on liquid assets and the financial situation of your company in the future
  • "What if analysis" as a decision-making tool
  • simulation model based on the value driver tree of the SAP Analytics Cloud for Planning

Price: 4,900 EUR + license fees for the SAPAnalytics Cloud

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Unpredictable slumps in sales require an extremely liquidity-oriented management of the company. Fast intervention and action is more important than ever.

Introduced in just two days, our consulting package offers you 

  • cash flow monitoring to be able to react optimally to current challenges
  • a reduction of avoidable liquidity bottlenecks

Price: 4,900 EUR + license fees for the SAPAnalytics Cloud

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