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What is Business Intelligence & Analytics?

If you are considering an implementation of a Business Intelligence Tool it is of vital importance to understand the difference between classical Business Intelligence and Analytics. The conventional Business Intelligence only deals with analysis based on the past. In the past few years, however, the demand for business intelligence has increased and data mining has come into play. The term analytics no longer only includes a look into the past, but also predictions for the future. The goal is to better understand the current situation in the company and to make reliable decisions for future development.

One consistent database for the entire company

High-quality data is the basis for successful decisions. Only with detailed data analysis can companies sensibly optimize internal processes, plan liquidity, align products with customer requirements, make rapid adjustments to market developments and make strategic investments.

Digitization has resulted in rapidly growing volumes of data - for example the Internet of Things (IoT), Big Data or Cloud Computing - but it is also accompanied by new challenges for technologies and processes. This is because data of the most varied types is scattered in structured and unstructured form in systems such as enterprise resource planning (ERP), customer relationship management (CRM), supplier relationship management (SRM), e-commerce or human resources software, databases and proprietary data warehouses. Merging these data silos without a complete solution and evaluating the available information in terms of a sustainable basis for decision-making is, if at all, only possible with immense effort. Without a business warehouse system, companies will only ever see a certain part of the reality and have to base their decisions on insufficient data.

Therefore, you should use a holistic and sustainable business intelligence tool to provide a solid basis for successful decisions and sustainable statements. We as IBsolution support you with the implementation and realization of your business intelligence and analytics projects. 

Business Analytics Platform: our holistic approach for data-driven enterprises

The Business Analytics Platform is a scalable, cost-optimized solution that has all data in its reach and also covers future enterprise requirements for maintaining and providing data. With IBsolution's holistic framework, companies can address and overcome their most pressing data challenges – and become data-driven enterprises.

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Business Intelligence and Analytics Disciplines

Intelligent controlling based on defined KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) is essential for successful corporate management. With integrated key performance indicator systems, you can precisely evaluate the KPIs and receive exactly the data you need to monitor profitability and business development. Thanks to real-time reporting, you are always in a position to intervene and take the necessary measures.

A distinction is made between operative reporting, which is mapped in the operative system (SAP ECC, SAP S/4HANA) and regular reporting, which is used with the help of a data warehouse.


In today's world it is crucial to develop attractive business models for the future and to gain a competitive advantage over the competition. Predictive Analytics supports you in this. Based on data from the past, forecasts for the future are created in order to use these insights and to initiate decisions at an early stage.


One of the most important controlling instruments is business/corporate planning. It harmonizes budgeting, forecasting and financial planning. Planning defines a specific target figure to be achieved in a certain planning period. Planning is also essential in other areas of the company such as sales, human resources or on the basis of cost centers.

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In the past years, the desire on the part of specialist departments to create reports independently has grown.

Historically, companies have had to break away from the fact that reporting products are always developed and made available within the IT department. The resulting demands of the business departments on the subject of BI often lead to the fact that the personnel requirements within the IT department can hardly be estimated.

Self-service unifies the two worlds of business and IT. The right choice of special technology and the adaptation of the development processes or the creation of a "working model" result in numerous advantages for companies.


“We chose IBsolution as our implementation partner because of their excellent knowledge of our industry and the SAP solution portfolio. The proof of concept for SAP BW/4HANA was a complete success and the implementation took place in mid-2021.”

Daniel Goutrie, Solution Architect, s.Oliver Bernd Freier GmbH

“IBsolution provided us with very competent advice throughout the entire process of modernizing our BI landscape in all project phases – from the design of the business processes to the successful implementation of SAP BW/4HANA. Working with SAP BW/4HANA is fun because it is very performant and easy to use.”

Martin Hügel, Senior Application Consultant, OPTIMA packaging group GmbH


Choosing the right technology is the key to success

The SAP Business Warehouse covers all areas of responsibility to operate a uniform data warehouse for your entire company. SAP BW is a combination of databases and database management tools. It offers interfaces to all SAP applications and external data sources, from which all relevant data is imported automatically and rule-based and defined key figures are generated.

Using integrated ETL functions (ETL = Extraction, Transformation, Load), you can have your data cleansed during import and put into the desired form. In conjunction with business intelligence and analytics solutions, you can create effective reports and give your employees access to powerful, yet easy-to-use evaluation functions at any time via self-service functions.

SAP BW and SAP HANA: Full power in combination

SAP BW basically runs on any database. However, the Business Warehouse only unfolds its full potential in interaction with the SAP HANA platform. Its in-memory technology makes it possible to process huge amounts of data in real time and analyze transactions as they occur. For planning and analysis, users always have the latest figures at their fingertips and can compare historical data with live data.

Since you always know immediately about new developments, opportunities and risks, you can react immediately: Take advantage of sales opportunities or stop suspicious activities before damage occurs. That way, you'll be one step ahead of the competition.

The impressive performance of the SAP HANA database is sufficient for even the largest data volumes and for billions of objects. This makes it possible to use SAP BW as an enterprise data warehouse even in data-intensive scenarios and to store all data centrally - even with unstructured, geo and Hadoop data. In this way, extremely powerful yet cost-effective systems can be implemented.

White paper: The move to SAP Datasphere – recommended action for SAP BW customers

SAP Datasphere enables organizations to realize the full potential of their data. Therefore, companies should start the journey from the previous on-premise BW system to SAP Datasphere. Our white paper, written in cooperation with SAP, provides concrete recommendations for action. It also describes how SAP Datasphere supports the transition from traditional data warehousing to a decentralized data mesh or business data fabric architecture.

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SAP technologies for business intelligence and analytics

SAP Datasphere is a comprehensive data service in the public cloud and is strongly aimed at business departments – especially those that value the topic of “self-service BI” and want to independently take care of data management in their environment. SAP Datasphere acts as an interface between IT and business. The solution allows the connection of a wide variety of data sources and access to the data in real time. Decision-makers can react quickly to changes thanks to reliable data. In addition, SAP Datasphere has tight integration with SAP Analytics Cloud to cover front-end topics.

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As a 3-in-1 solution, SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC) combines the functions of business intelligence, planning and predictive analytics in one tool and enables real-time data analyses from the cloud.

This means you no longer have to switch back and forth between different tools, but have a uniform data basis across the company and can make well-founded decisions company-wide. SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC) is suitable both as an ad-hoc reporting tool for specific departments and for company-wide business intelligence solutions. Users can filter, edit and model data and build meaningful graphics, tables and storyboards.

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The SAP Business Warehouse (SAP BW) lays the technological foundation for comprehensive enterprise data warehousing as well as a business intelligence and planning environment. With SAP BW, you can bring together historical and current data from various systems, model, consolidate and prepare it to make it available to your employees for analysis, reporting and planning.
The latest generation SAP BW/4HANA analyzes huge amounts of data even in real time. With SAP Business Warehouse, you can create a central source of information for your entire company, providing all parties involved with a uniform, data-based view of your business situation.

SAP BW on anyDB, SAP BW powered by SAP HANA, SAP BW/4HANA - the SAP Business Warehouse portfolio is extremely diverse. The orientation for the future is much clearer: SAP focuses exclusively on SAP BW/4HANA for innovations and further developments. One of the main reasons for the consistent orientation towards BW/4HANA is the significantly higher performance achieved by the HANA in-memory technology compared to conventional databases. Leaner data models, shorter loading times and modern user interfaces ensure up to 70% faster processes.

What does this mean for the older BW releases? If you have SAP BW 7.5 in use, you're in luck! This version will be supported until 2027. If your BW release is older (for example, 7.3 or 7.4), you need to take action. This is because mainstream maintenance expired on December 31, 2020.


In the past, an embedded business warehouse was also called "mini BW". This can be activated, for example, in classic SAP systems such as SAP S/4HANA and used for operational reporting. It is often used in the area of controlling or production. An embedded SAP BW offers some advantages in the above mentioned areas. One of the most important advantages is probably the topic of real-time reporting in order to be able to react very quickly to requirements/disruptions in production, for example. Furthermore, with newer technologies such as SAP S/4HANA and a clean architecture, no additional storage space is required for reporting.


Benefit from the following services

Take advantage of our consultants' extensive experience and proven best-practice approaches. Lay a solid foundation for your business analytics strategy.

Performing Fast Scans

  • Determining the requirements of the business department, IT and management
  • Analysis of the technical conditions

Analysis of the current state

  • Evaluation of the actual state before the project starts
  • Identifying fields of action

Training offers for the implementation

  • Simplify your entry with individual training courses
  • Profit from our training offers

Defining target actions

  • Based on the needs, individual goals are developed
  • Creation of a technical and functional roadmap

Conception of the approach

  • Together with you we determine the exact procedure based on previously defined goals
  • Benefit from our best practices based on countless BI projects

Defining measures for action and creating a roadmap

  • Individual timetable for reaching the goal
  • Based on the procedure individual action measures are determined

With the help of our SAP training courses and workshops for companies, you will always remain up to date with the latest knowledge

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Our products for your success

Expert knowledge and powerful add-ons

Discovery Workshop for SAP Datasphere

Unleash the full potential of your data

With the Discovery Workshop for SAP Datasphere, you will learn about the functionalities of SAP Datasphere using specific use cases and create the basis for effective data management in the cloud.

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Deep Dive Workshop for SAP Datasphere

Take your first steps with SAP Datasphere

With our Deep Dive Workshop for SAP Datasphere, you will become an expert in SAP Datasphere in no time at all. We will introduce you to the innovative functionalities and benefits of SAP Datasphere in theory and practice.

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Enablement Package for SAP Analytics Cloud

First steps with the SAP Analytics Cloud

You have just implemented SAP Analytics Cloud and need help with the first steps? We would be happy to support you and help you with the first steps. 

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Power Workshop for Planning in SAP Analytics Cloud

Data-based planning in the SAP Analytics Cloud

Learn which is the right planning scenario for you and how you can implement your planning requirements with the SAP Analytics Cloud.

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SAC Content Package for Supplier Performance Management

Capture supplier performance updates and risks at a glance with our Supplier Performance Dashboard and react quickly to deteriorating metrics.

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Starter Package for Sales Planning

Modern sales planning in SAP Analytics Cloud

Now you can easily keep track of your sales figures and make future forecasts in SAP Analytics Cloud. With the Starter Package for Sales Planning, this is easily possible and can be implemented in only 50 days.

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Investment controlling and planning in SAP

Using predefined processes and important functions, AGIMENDO.invest transfers the planning and control of your investments and projects into your SAP (BW) system. Simply choose the license model that fits your requirements.

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Your personnel planning always in view

Hardly any planning has to be as flexible, agile and reliable as personnel (cost) planning. With the help of AGIMENDO.personnel you can plan in clearly arranged interfaces and with a few mouse clicks, while the central (personnel) controlling keeps a constant insight into the planning. So you always make the right decisions and are always informed about your personnel development.

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Put your business analytics in the competent hands of IBsolution. We have already successfully completed more than 750 projects and made over 400 customers happy. We are not only familiar with the technological, but also with the economic aspects of demanding business analytics projects.

Together with you we develop intelligent strategies, define and implement processes, offer downstream support and train your employees. With our ready-made packages, you receive convincing solutions that are ready for use within a very short time.

Predefined business content and modelling patterns make it easier for you to get started, so you don’t have to start from scratch. Take advantage of our consultants’ expertise and best practice approaches and create a solid basis for your business analytics project.

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New Tool for CapEx Managment

With the free Word template, you create a requirement specification for a new investment planning tool in less than 1 hour. Simply download, tick boxes & fill in.

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