Measure and optimize your master data quality with ready-made rules for SAP Data Quality Management (DQM) in SAP MDG − available for the master data objects Business Partner and Material

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Increased data quality with best-practice rules


Ready-to-use content packages


No subsequent setup required

Higher master data quality through predefined rules

Companies depend on high-quality master data to make informed decisions, optimize processes and productivity, drive automation and generate added value. One of the most important characteristics of high data quality is that the data is complete, accurate and redundancy-free. Clean master data provides a stable foundation for improving performance and competitiveness, and ensures that companies can derive maximum benefit from their existing database

With the help of SAP Data Quality Management (DQM), a component of SAP Master Data Governance (MDG), companies can define data quality rules and store KPIs to perform quality analyses and thus permanently monitor data quality.

EVIMENDO.dqm provides predefined best practice rule sets for data quality management. The content packages, which are available for the master data objects Business Partner and Material, can be quickly and easily imported into your SAP DQM and can be used immediately.

The rules cover the five quality dimensions completeness, uniqueness, timeliness, accessibility and correctness. They are freely configurable and extendable, so that they can be tailored precisely to the needs of each company.

With EVIMENDO.dqm, companies benefit from our comprehensive experience in master data management and use predefined rules based on best practices. There is no need to create their own data quality rules, saving companies time, costs and human resources.

The key features of EVIMENDO.dqm


  • 5 dimensions, selected and tested by us

    • Completeness
      Is the business partner/material completely maintained?

    • Uniqueness
      Does the business partner/material exist more than once in the system?

    • Timeliness
      Is the data of the business partner/material still up-to-date?

    • Accessibility
      Has the business partner/material been processed completely?

    • Correctness
      Has the business partner/material been maintained correctly?

  • Scores and thresholds determined by empirical values


  • Rules from best practices based on our experience

  • Available rules for each dimension

  • Easily extensible and customizable

Separate application

  • Implemented according to SAP best practice

  • Easily extendable with own content

  • Easy to transport and import


Content Package

20,000 €

Ready-to-use rules that can be freely configured and extended, use of ready-to-use read methods for complex rules possible

Implementation of the initial setup for SAP DQM

5,000 €

Optional setup of SAP Data Quality Management in your SAP MDG system (on SAP S/4HANA), to be able to start directly afterwards with the content package

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