Validate your SAP master data with information from external sources thus enriching both address data and tax information

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Increase data quality through validation, enrichment and retrieval from external sources


Fast roll-out and easy integration


Directly applicable without programming effort

Master data - always correct, complete and up-to-date

EVIMENDO.external_services enables you to connect external data sources of various specialized providers like business information agencies, geo data providers and many more directly to your SAP. Thus you achieve a maximum of reliability in your data. High effort for maintaining master data and cyclical activities for updating and error correction now belong to the past.

While the integration of external services into SAP MDG used to require considerable programming effort or in many cases was not even possible, our product EVIMENDO.external_services simplifies this process many times over.

The service can be natively used in SAP MDG and in SAP S/4HANA. After importing it into your SAP system, external services can be used directly and integrated immediately into the required processes according to your choice.

Integration scenarios

Validation of addresses

With our address validation services, the address entered in the system is automatically validated during a workflow to create a business partner. The result is then displayed in a popup as a table and prompts the user to select the correct record. The address thus determined is then adopted for the respective business partner without further manual intervention.

In this way, the data quality of all business partners can be noticeably and easily increased by correctly filled and validated addresses.

We already offer the following standard connections:

Validation of Tax Numbers

EVIMENDO.external_services also allows you to check the correctness of tax numbers (VAT ID number in Germany or UID in Austria) of your business partners.

This service offers you the possibility to check entered tax numbers together with the address against the tax database of the European Commission (VIES database) or databases of the countries Germany and Austria to store the validation result together with the record of the query. As soon as the workflow is completed and the corresponding business partner has been activated, the result of the query is stored as a document on the business partner.

Note: If you are only interested in tax validation, the SAP standard solution listed under SAP Note 2866929 can be an alternative.

Integration of material data with Icecat

Using Icecat, you can access product data published and distributed in multiple languages around the world to integrate with your own e-business application or SAP system (SAP MDG, SAP S/4HANA).

The process is as follows: A request is sent to Icecat containing the product code and the brand, GTIN or Icecat ID of the product. The service then returns the existing information about the product to the system so that the product data can be enriched. In this way, you can quickly and easily obtain the correct and complete data for the product.

For more information on enriching product data with Icecat, see our blog post.

Individual services

EVIMENDO.external_services also offers you the possibility to integrate a variety of other services not mentioned here into your master data processes. Describe your individual integration scenario and we will work out a solution together with you that allows you to integrate external services into your processes with EVIMENDO.external_services without any programming knowledge. 


for each service

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Packaged offers for multiple services upon request

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