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Automate your sales processes and create a unified digital base for your sales activities

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Increase in sales

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KPI reporting

The key to customer satisfaction

It’s pretty simple: customers expect first-class experiences. If their high expectations aren’t met, they go to the competition. The key to satisfied customers is better, faster, and more efficient sales.

That’s why leading companies across different sectors and industries rely on SAP Sales Cloud. It helps you increase profits, open up new markets, and differentiate your services from competitors − in a flexible, mobile, and extremely user-friendly way.

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Challenges in sales

Internal sales

  • Lengthy sales processes
  • Different contact persons
  • No overview of the different contact persons and sales channels
  • Time-consuming search for data in different programs (Excel, etc.)

Head of sales

  • No overview of the sales forecast

  • No overall view of the sales funnel

  • No insight into the activities of the employees

  • Composition of sales teams

  • Definition of sales targets

SAP Sales Cloud | Challenges in sales | IBsolution

External sales

  • Strong competition

  • Fast and accurate identification of customer needs

  • No overview of sales pipeline and revenues

  • Time-consuming, confusing work in different programs such as Excel, etc.

  • No updated data in the systems

  • No overview of the status of customer inquiries

  • Different offers with different conditions

  • No mobile access to customer data

Executive board

  • High costs due to inefficient sales processes

  • Poor reporting functions

  • Difficult planning of short- and medium-term goals

With SAP Sales Cloud, you benefit from a sales solution that digitizes your sales processes and can be implemented quickly and cost-effectively. We support you with best-practice trainings and your sales staff with individual key user trainings.

What will be better with SAP Sales Cloud

Internal sales

  • Improved networking of internal and external sales

  • High acceptance of the solution due to comfortable working

  • No redundant maintenance of customer data and products

  • Structured overview of incoming customer inquiries

  • Efficient opportunity and lead management, first-class management of sales opportunities

  • Creation of target groups and campaigns for efficient communication with customers and prospects

Head of sales

  • Consistent reporting on leads, opportunities and successful deals through customizable dashboards

  • Better planning of sales successes through intelligent lead and opportunity scoring

  • Central organization of sales targets

  • Mobile access to customer data anywhere from any device

  • Time savings through direct overview of all important information

SAP Sales Cloud | What will be better | IBsolution

External sales

  • 360-degree view of all customer processes and information

  • Reduced administrative tasks, thus more time for customer care and acquisition

  • Mobile access to customer data anywhere from any device

  • Overview of the entire sales pipeline from lead to contract conclusion

  • Display of the sales pipeline in customizable dashboards

Executive board

  • Increased efficiency in the sales department through a 360-degree view of all necessary customer data and sales phases

  • More opportunities for cross- and up-selling

  • Efficient strategic sales planning through customizable reports

  • Planning reliability through transparent forecasting and KPI reporting

Facts & figures


View of customers and projects

30 min.

Time saving during the creation of quotations

+ 25%

Leads with lower budget

+ 35%

Increase in sales revenue

Current top features of SAP Sales Cloud

Guided Selling

Experience a new view of your opportunities and sales prospects. Machine learning-based scoring prioritizes opportunities. You can also filter by criteria such as account/customer, sales phase, sales cycle, or closing date, giving you exactly the customized view you need to profitably close your sales cycle. The result is an all-around view of your activities with the customer, as well as upcoming steps that you can maintain with the appropriate status. With the help of artificial intelligence, suggestions for the next activity with the customer, such as making an appointment, are automatically generated when notes are entered.

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360-degree view

You no longer need different systems to access important information such as individual customer conditions, order status, appointments, phone calls, activities or customer contracts. SAP Sales Cloud gives you access to your customer data at any time − online or offline, on your smartphone, tablet or computer. With just one click, you get a complete overview of your customers. This means an enormous time saving. You see the relevant contacts and know which of your colleagues is taking care of the customer. Create transparency with the help of customizable analyses and sales trends and keep an eye on open service tickets.

Via LinkedIn integration, you can match your already registered contacts or find additional important contacts. The Buying Center allows you to display important customer relationships. The integration with your ERP system makes all customer data visible. For example, you can see whether a customer has a delivery, order or payment stop. You can also find out details about your last marketing campaign and automatically generate a task or a lead from it.

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Opportunity Management

Identify which opportunities give you the best chance of closing a successful deal. This enables you to plan appropriate activities and identify the contacts that will determine the success of the deal. Based on machine learning, opportunity scores are calculated, enabling you to identify the opportunities with the highest chance of winning. The result is faster deals and a higher success rate. The integrated sales wizard helps you determine the right activities for each stage of the opportunity, guiding you step-by-step to more deals won. Offers and orders can be created directly from the opportunity. All relevant data is automatically transferred.

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Pipeline Manager

In Pipeline Manager, you have all important KPIs directly in view. The associated opportunities are displayed on a timeline as dots of different sizes and color-coded according to the number of points. This enables a precise evaluation of the current situation. By calling up individual opportunities and analyzing their values, for example the closing date, or adjusting their sales phases, you save valuable time. Furthermore, you can leave notes for your colleagues.

The pipeline view can be filtered as desired, for example, at the organization, team, or employee level. The increased transparency helps you focus on what’s important. Thanks to the pipeline flow, you can track the development of the pipeline from quarter to quarter. See which new deals have been added and their progress, which have been won and which have been lost. The current forecast and the current target achievement can be viewed from different angles. Send your forecast directly from the system to your colleagues and add notes to it. This makes communication faster and more transparent, while supporting target planning.

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Reduce your administrative workload and gain more time for customer service and customer acquisition.

Package contents and options

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SAP Qualified Partner-Packaged Solution

Starter Package for SAP Sales Cloud

With our IBsolution Starter Package for SAP Sales Cloud you get a highly flexible solution including the most common standard processes. In just ten weeks, you can realize a 360-degree view of your customers and processes. Make your sales management more transparent than ever before at a fixed price.

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Maximize revenue in stationary retail

SAP Sales Cloud Retail Execution

With SAP Sales Cloud Retail Execution (REX), you are able to provide the right products at the right time and at the right price. This maximizes sales and noticeably improves the customer shopping experience.

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Web2Lead | IBsolution
Convert web contacts into leads automatically


With the help of Web2Lead, contact data that a prospect enters in a form on your website is automatically transferred to SAP C4C and created as a new lead. This gives your sales staff the ability to generate opportunities from the leads created.

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Administration Package for SAP Sales Cloud

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