Create a SAP Fiori 3.0 interface with SAP UI5 for your SAP Identity Management system in just 5 minutes that will delight your users − operable even on the go with your mobile device

Release Notes


User-friendly management of roles and authorizations


Better acceptance by your business users


Available on all devices - even mobile

From WebDynpro to SAP Fiori 3.0 based on SAP UI5 – fast, easy and free of charge


Your user friendly interfaces are only 5 minutes away

SECMENDO.ui_generator detects all WebDynpro tasks in your SAP Identity Management (IdM) and converts them into a SAP Fiori 3.0-like SAP UI5 interface, which can be operated easily and also on the move. Employees in business departments will like its ease of use and will become an integral part of a fully documented digital process – without any programming and risk. The WebDynpro interface is still available for SAP IdM, in addition to the SAP Fiori / SAP UI5 variant.

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Ease of Use

SECMENDO.ui_generator creates SAP Fiori 3.0-like user interfaces based on the SAP UI5 technology which every user can use intuitively.

  • Reduced effort for user support
  • Increased user satisfaction
  • Reduced throughput times

Easy implementation

SECMENDO.ui_generator lets you generate an SAP Fiori 3.0 user interface based on SAP UI5 in only 5 minutes that displays all your WebDynpro tasks in a very easy-to-use way - without any programming effort.

See how easy it is:

  • Download UI-Extractor

  • Execute File

  • Upload generated file to our IB

  • Only 5 minutes later you'll receive a deployable Java object by email

  • Execute the Java objekt on your AS Java and benefit from better user interfaces

Download SECMENDO.ui_generator for free

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How to use the SECMENDO.ui_generator for SAP IdM


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