Redesign of SAP authorizations

Establish a modern, efficient and maintainable authorization concept and thus ensure the functional operation of your SAP systems

Analysis and design

Customized authorizations

Revision or new development?


We take a closer look at your authorizations

With the help of our tools and based on our many years of expertise, we examine your existing authorization concept and analyze possible areas for action. Depending on the results and the state of your authorization structure, we develop an individual roadmap to transform your roles into a modern and sustainable authorization concept. Which path is chosen depends on the company’s individual circumstances and requirements..

A stringent authorization concept includes the following objectives:

  • Job-based roles

  • Minimized maintenance effort

  • No critical overauthorization

  • Use of default values

  • Inheritance of organizational levels

Job-based roles prevent individual role construction for specific users. This greatly reduces the number of existing roles. In addition, an identity management tool enables automatic role provisioning depending on the associated HR job.

Power Workshop for SAP Authorizations

In our Power Workshop for SAP Authorizations, we review your existing authorization concept together with you to determine whether it covers current requirements. A key focus is on the aspect of future viability, which we realize through maintainability, efficient functionality and maximum security. Whether your authorizations need a redesign or just a revision and what your path to SAP S/4HANA will look like, we work out on the basis of your individual prerequisites and requirements.

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Authorizations and their concepts in SAP systems are constantly subject to organizational, functional and technical adjustments. Often, the maintenance effort increases continuously over the years and the security gaps become larger and larger.


How to get appropriate authorizations

The business and technical requirements for authorizations are constantly changing. If the authorizations are not continuously adapted to this, security gaps and efficiency problems arise.

With our tools, we analyze your authorizations and develop a suitable solution path towards modern SAP roles. We check individually for each case whether a holistic reorganization or merely an adaptation is required.

The new roles are developed on the basis of HR jobs, which enables automated role assignment. To achieve maximum efficiency, we use SAP authorization default values. This allows roles to be developed more quickly and changes to be made more easily. Together with you, we realize optimal and modern authorizations in this way.

We not only support you during implementation, but also enable you to maintain and manage the solutions independently afterwards. Or you can entrust the operation to us: We call this Customer Success and mean our Application Management Services.

We support you with your challenges in the following areas:

  • Authorization conception

  • Creation and revision of authorizations and roles

  • Introduction of the profile generator and authorization default values

  • Roll-out and go-live

Click here for the Power Workshop for SAP Authorizations

Your contact person


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Your individual way to new authorizations

Which path is actually chosen depends on the existing concept and possible new specifications.


  • Specification of HR positions, if applicable

  • Definition of new roles on a job basis

  • Analysis of used applications

  • Actively used organizational levels

  • Consideration and maintenance of authorization default values (SU24)

  • Use of inheritance


Redesign light

  • Consideration and maintenance of authorization default values (SU24), if applicable.

  • Grouping of roles on a job basis, if applicable

  • Removal of applications and organizational levels that are no longer used

  • Merging of roles

  • Design of basic roles for user groups

Revision or new development?

Whether a complete or only a partial redesign is carried out depends on various factors.

  • A historically grown, heavily modified and poorly maintained authorization construct should rather be completely redesigned based on jobs and using the authorization default values.

  • However, if certain requirements for a modern concept are already met, a partial redesign can be considered.

The activities to be performed are determined based on the previous analysis. Other issues arising from new requirements must also be taken into account. Which way is the optimal one, we determine individually together with you.

A new and modern authorization concept additionally simplifies the path to SAP S/4HANA, since various activities have already been carried out before the conversion. 

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