Save time and reduce errors with real-time user input validation in SAP Identity Management


Improved UX through real-time content validation



Display of error messages incl. instructions for solution



Time savings due to reduction of incorrect entries


Check your entries in SAP IdM for correctness

SECMENDO.validation is a powerful add-on for the SAP Identity Management (IdM) software, developed and optimized by the experts of IBsolution. It extends the functionality of SAP IdM by providing it on the relevant SAP NetWeaver Application Server Java, adapting it to the specific system from a functional and technical point of view and using it for the validation of SAP IdM forms.

SECMENDO.validation can be used to check user input in the UI for completeness and correctness when saving. Additionally, the add-on offers the possibility to analyze the content already when loading a UI and to react accordingly. In the event of an error, a predefined error message is displayed directly in the UI to give end users a clear indication of what to do. It does not matter whether the end user uses the classic WebDynpro interface or a modern Fiori user interface (SAPUI5). SECMENDO.validation is compatible with both frontend technologies and with the corresponding HTTP interfaces.

Use cases and benefits of SECMENDO.validation

Use cases
  • Ad-hoc checking of password complexity rules

  • Ensuring correct employee groups and associated visibilities

  • Checking of selection lists (users, authorizations, cost centers, specialist roles, etc.)

  • Ensuring correct input patterns and form guidelines

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Benefits of backend validation with SECMENDO.validation:

  • Improved user experience through real-time validation of user input

  • Reusable and extensible components for resource-saving further development

  • Ensure high data quality by detecting missing or erroneous data

  • Support for various web technologies, including WebDynpro and SAPUI5 (combined with SAP REST Interface v2)

  • Enormous time savings through massive reduction of incorrect entries in the frontend by admins, end users and customers


Validity check with SECMENDO.validation in a SAP Fiori user interface

Password check with SECMENDO.validation in a SAP Fiori user interface


  • Validation of SAP IdM forms

  • Checking user input in the UI for completeness and correctness

  • Checking the contents when loading a user interface

  • Display of a predefined message in case of error

Scope of service

  • Extending the functionality of SAP Identity Management via add-on

  • Deployment on SAP NetWeaver Application Server Java

  • Compatibility with WebDynpro and SAPUI5 frontend technologies and the corresponding HTTP interfaces


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