SECMENDO.connect for Gmail

Automatically create, modify or delete mailboxes and e-mail accounts


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Gmail, Google's cloud-based mail client, is becoming more and more prevalent also as a business solution. IT administrators in this solution can centrally manage accounts across the enterprise on all devices. To integrate this process into business processes, IBsolution has developed the IdM connector SECMENDO.connect for Gmail . It ensures that mailboxes and e-mail accounts are automatically created, changed or deleted. The administration of the users takes place centrally in SAP IdM (Identity Management).


  • Initial Load in SAP IdM
    • User data
    • Google licence assignments
    • Established groups
    • Mailbox delegates
  • Account actions
    • Add, Modify (also set Alias and move your accounts in Google Vault), delete
    • Check current status (Does the account exist? Is the Account in Google Vault?)
    • Enable / disable
    • Manage Google Licence Assignments (add/del)
    • Create Google Mailbox label
    • Manage Google group assignments (add/del)
    • Manage Mailbox delegates (add/del)

Price Plan

License Fees

25,000 €

Installation and Customizing

5,000 €


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