SECMENDO.connect for Jira

Automatically invite and remove users to work in the system and manage group permissions and assignments

Jira is a web application of the software manufacturer Atlassian for error management and troubleshooting as well as for operational project management. The software is increasingly becoming the de facto standard in many companies. Jira offers the possibility to group users into user groups, to form temporary or project-specific teams and much more. If these functions are used, the effort for user administration within the solution increases accordingly. This is exactly where the SAP IdM connector SECMENDO.connect for JIRA comes in.


  • Initial Load in SAP IdM
    • Retrieve all users
    • Retrieve all groups
    • Retrieve all employee group assignments
  • User management
    • Create users in Jira and invite them to participate
    • Delete users in Jira
    • Assign and revise group assignments between users and groups

Price Plan

License Fees

15,000 €

Installation and Customizing

1,000 €


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