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Schaubild_E2E-Prozesse_im_Intelligent_EnterpriseThe intelligent enterprise achieves its competitive advantages on the basis of overarching integration at all levels. It exhibits a high level of networking with suppliers, customers, partners and its own corporate departments. Integration takes place not only at the process level, but above all at the system and data levels. The focus is on end-to-end integration (E2E integration), which the user does not notice at all. This can be achieved with the help of SAP Business Technology Platform and, in particular, with SAP Integration Suite.

The seamless integration of all systems involved is the basic prerequisite for companies and their customers to benefit from consistent end-to-end processes. A holistic integration strategy has the greatest chance of success. It encompasses applications, data, processes and people.

Integration as the basis of the system architecture

The complexity of IT architectures is continuously increasing. The use of numerous software solutions from different providers lead to considerable challenges. An inconsistent user experience, the lack of a unified database structure and cumbersome processes are just a few examples.

It is therefore important to give the integration of the system landscape the importance it deserves. Only those who place the functions and processes in the company on a uniform basis can exploit the full potential of digitization. It is no coincidence that integration is currently one of the central strategic topics for SAP.

The goal is to quickly and flexibly integrate software solutions with other systems on a common platform, whether they are deployed on-premise or in the cloud and whether they are SAP, non-SAP or custom applications.

Integration is relevant in many ways. In the modern working world, users want to use their tools from any location and from different devices. Innovation is only possible on the basis of a seamlessly integrated IT landscape. New platforms and technologies pave the way for innovative business ideas and business areas. The same applies to workflows within the company, which only develop their full potential if they are based on a uniform standard. It is time to say goodbye to isolated applications.

Successful integration projects are characterized by the fact that they combine the dimensions of people, technology and processes. Integration means change - and this change must be supported by the employees. Professional change management is of decisive importance here. Furthermore, integration requires a powerful platform as a technological basis. Integrated workflows and the appropriate interfaces are based on this platform to simplify business processes and make them more efficient.

We have comprehensive know-how in all areas of integration. Let us put your system landscape on a uniform basis to facilitate the integration of applications and services.

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