SAP (Advanced) New Credit Management in SAP S/4HANA

Automate credit decisions, reduce financial defaults, and optimize relationships with business partners

Why SAP Credit Management?

Efficient receivables and credit management reduces the risk of financial default and helps to optimize business relationships with business partners. SAP Credit Management, which is mandatory in the course of an SAP S/4HANA conversion, supports you in identifying potential default risks of your business partners at an early stage. This means that credit decisions can be made efficiently and automatically on the basis of specific processes.

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How to implement SAP Credit Management:

The SAP Credit Management module will be introduced as part of an SAP S/4HANA conversion, or data from the old credit management modules (FI-AR-CR and SD-BF-CM) will be migrated to the new SAP Credit Management.

For this purpose, technical system settings corresponding to your requirements as well as customizing activities − both in SAP Business Partner and in SAP Credit Management − must be carried out in advance. Furthermore, the integration of SAP Credit Management with the FI and SD modules must be set up.

Our services

  • Support/implementation of basic technical configuration

  • Business partner customizing for credit management

  • Preparatory activities and migration

  • Customizing of credit limit checks

  • Customizing of the integration with accounts receivable

  • Customizing of integration with sales and distribution

  • Customizing of case management

  • Automatic calculation of creditworthiness in SAP Business Partner (creation of ScoreCard)

  • Automatic calculation of credit information in SAP Business Partner

  • Rebuilding of the commitment in SAP S/4HANA after migration

  • Mapping of different test scenarios

What's new about SAP Credit Management in SAP S/4HANA?

Integration with SAP Business Partner

FSCM-FIN-BP-EN-magnifier-400x265pxCredit management processes, such as determining and evaluating the creditworthiness of business partners, proposing credit limits, notifying clerks, and monitoring credit limits, can be automated for each business partner.

Consolidation of information from multiple systems

Grafik_Kreditlimit_Magnifier_400x265pxThe new SAP Credit Management consolidates information from several SAP or non-SAP systems on the exposure of the respective business partner and thus allows the company to centrally monitor the credit limit of the business partner.

Connection of external data sources and information

Grafik_IntegrationExternal information for determining the creditworthiness of business partners can be automatically queried via corresponding XML interfaces and further used in SAP Credit Management. Information from external data sources such as Creditreform can be transferred and used. Address data can be checked and supplemented using EVIMENDO.external_services.

Our offering

Implement SAP Credit Management at a fixed price

It's as simple as that:

  • Complete the form and make a 30 minute phone appointment with one of our experts.
  • During this conversation we will clarify all the questions necessary to prepare a fixed price quote.
  • Now three more days of patience and you will know with what costs the implementation of SAP (Advanced) Credit Management is associated.

Prepare with us for your SAP S/4HANA conversion − in plannable individual projects and with calculable costs.

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