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Success consists of making the right decisions. With SAP’s business analytics portfolio, companies are able to make decisions quickly and based on sound information at any time. Users have access to all relevant data, analyses and reports. By analyzing the data, optimization potential or impending risks can be derived. Within the framework of predictive analytics, powerful algorithms create reliable future forecasts.

Based on the HANA database technology, the business analytics solutions are ready for the challenges of digitalization. At the same time, automation, self-service functions and user-friendly tools help to increase the performance and efficiency of employees and create more capacity for their core tasks.

Business analytics enables you to continuously improve your company’s performance. With the help of the appropriate analytical concepts, you can transform inhomogeneous market and company data into knowledge that is critical for success. Dynamic planning models as well as proactive controlling and analysis instruments accelerate your processes and enable you to adapt your planning system agilely to changing requirements. Sophisticated heuristics already allow you to look into the future today.

Intelligent controlling based on defined KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) is essential for successful corporate management. With integrated key performance indicator systems, you evaluate the KPIs precisely and receive exactly the data material you need to monitor profitability and business development. Thanks to real-time reporting, you are always in a position to intervene and take the necessary measures.

Take advantage of the extensive experience and proven best practice approaches of our consultants. Lay a solid foundation for your business analytics strategy.

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Put your business analytics in the competent hands of IBsolution. We have already successfully completed more than 750 projects and made over 400 customers happy. We are not only familiar with the technological, but also with the economic aspects of demanding business analytics projects.

Together with you we develop intelligent strategies, define and implement processes, offer downstream support and train your employees. With our ready-made packages, you receive convincing solutions that are ready for use within a very short time.

Predefined business content and modelling patterns make it easier for you to get started, so you don’t have to start from scratch. Take advantage of our consultants’ expertise and best practice approaches and create a solid basis for your business analytics project.

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Introduction Package Sales Planning Cloud

Modern sales planning in SAP DWC and SAC

Now you can easily keep track of your sales figures and make future forecasts in the SAP Data Warehouse Cloud and the Sales Analytics Cloud. With the Sales Planning Cloud Introduction package this is easily possible and can be implemented in only 50 days.


Power Workshop for SAP Analytics Cloud

Become an expert for the SAP Analytics Cloud in two days

Benefit from the many advantages of the SAP Analytics Cloud in your daily work and visualize, for example, real-time analyses based on data from various sources. Our experts will provide you with the necessary know-how in the shortest possible time.



Investment controlling and planning in SAP

Using predefined processes and important functions, AGIMENDO.invest transfers the planning and control of your investments and projects into your SAP (BW) system. Simply choose the license model that fits your requirements.



Your personnel planning always in view

Hardly any planning has to be as flexible, agile and reliable as personnel (cost) planning. With the help of AGIMENDO.personnel you can plan in clearly arranged interfaces and with a few mouse clicks, while the central (personnel) controlling keeps a constant insight into the planning. So you always make the right decisions and are always informed about your personnel development.



Always keep an overview of your projects

Clearly structured project planning and effective project management are decisive basics to optimally support the strategic development of your company. The software solution AGIMENDO.project is fully integrated into the Business Warehouse (BW) of SAP. It serves to create, prioritize, plan and approve or release projects in a user-friendly way with Fiori user interfaces.


Double exposure of businessman hand working with new modern computer and business strategy as concept-2

SAP BW/4HANA - the future of data warehouse

The SAP Business Warehouse (SAP BW) lays the technological foundation for comprehensive enterprise data warehousing as well as a business intelligence and planning environment. With SAP BW, you can bring together historical and current data from a wide variety of systems, model, consolidate, and prepare it to make it available to your employees for analysis, reporting, and planning.

The latest generation SAP BW/4HANA analyzes huge amounts of data even in real time. Create a central source of information for your entire company with SAP Business Warehouse, which provides all those involved with a uniform, data-based view of your business situation.

Uniform data basis for the entire company

High-quality data is the basis for successful decisions. Only with detailed data analyses can companies optimize internal processes, plan liquidity, align products with customer requirements, make quick adjustments to market developments and make strategic investments.

Digitization has resulted in rapidly growing volumes of data - the Internet of Things (IoT), Big Data or cloud computing are just a few examples - but it is also accompanied by new challenges for technologies and processes. This is because data of the most varied kinds is scattered in a variety of structured and unstructured forms in systems such as ERP, CRM, SRM, e-commerce or HR software, databases and proprietary data warehouses. Merging these data silos without a complete solution and evaluating the available information in terms of a sustainable basis for decision-making is, if at all, only possible with immense effort. Without a BW system, companies will only ever see a part of reality and will have to base their decisions on incomplete data.

The SAP Business Warehouse covers all areas of responsibility to operate a uniform data warehouse for your entire company. SAP BW is a combination of databases and database management tools. It offers interfaces to all SAP applications and external data sources from which all relevant data is imported automatically and rule-based, and defined key figures are generated.

Using integrated ETL functions (ETL = extract, transform, load), you can have your data cleansed and brought into the desired form during import. In conjunction with business intelligence and analytics solutions, you can create meaningful reports and give your employees access to powerful, yet easy-to-use evaluation functions at any time via self-service functions.

SAP BW and SAP HANA: Full power in combination

SAP BW basically runs on any database. However, the data warehouse only unfolds its full potential in interaction with the SAP HANA platform. Its in-memory technology makes it possible to process huge amounts of data in real time and analyze transactions as they occur. For planning and analysis, users always have the latest figures at hand and can compare historical data with live data.

Since you always know immediately about new developments, opportunities and risks, you can react immediately: Take advantage of sales opportunities or stop suspicious activities before damage occurs. That way, you’ll be one step ahead of the competition.

The impressive performance of the SAP HANA database is sufficient for even the largest data volumes and for billions of objects. This makes it possible to use SAP BW as an enterprise data warehouse even in data-intensive scenarios and to store all data centrally – even with unstructured, geo and Hadoop data. In this way, extremely powerful and yet cost-effective systems can be implemented.

Switch to BW/4HANA

SAP BW on anyDB, SAP BW powered by SAP HANA, SAP BW/4HANA – SAP’s data warehouse portfolio is extremely diverse. However, the direction for the future is clear: SAP focuses exclusively on SAP BW/4HANA for innovations and further developments.

The decisive factor for this clear orientation is the significantly higher performance achieved by the HANA in-memory technology compared to conventional databases. Leaner data models, shorter loading times and modern user interfaces ensure up to 70% faster processes. Furthermore, SAP BW/4HANA is much more agile and easier to handle than previous versions of SAP BW.

Business analytics tools enable companies to recognize relationships and patterns in data. Reliable strategies for the future can be derived from past events.


One for all: SAP Analytics Cloud

The SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC) is a comprehensive 3-in-1 solution: It combines business intelligence, planning, and predictive analytics in one tool and enables real-time data analysis from the cloud. There is no longer a need to switch back and forth between different tools. Everything happens in the same place and in a unified environment, reducing the number of media disruptions. It also includes predictive analytics and machine learning, so you can make well-founded decisions for better business results across the enterprise with a single solution.

Business analytics all-rounder

As software-as-a-service (SaaS), the SAP Analytics Cloud is available exclusively on the web. It has a modular structure and is highly scalable. This makes it equally suitable as an ad hoc reporting tool for individual departments and as a comprehensive, company-wide BI solution. With the integrated SAC, you can perform all tasks within a single, user-friendly interface with the familiar look and feel of SAP Fiori.

The SAC centrally accesses data from cloud and on-premise systems and from SAP and non-SAP systems. Users filter, edit, and model the data and build meaningful graphics, tables, charts, and entire storyboards with drag-and-drop ease. Keep track of your metrics with custom dashboards and share your insights with other users.

Plan consistently across the enterprise

Joint business planning lays the foundation for better business results because users throughout the company can coordinate their plans and thus have a uniform data basis. Traditionally, the budgeting and forecasting process is located in the finance department. However, there are many other departments in the company that carry out their own planning. And these in turn have an impact on the overall planning prepared by the finance department.

In view of these dependencies, it is crucial for efficient planning that the environments of the departments − sales, marketing, HR or supply chain − are linked to the finance environment. This is exactly where the collaborative enterprise planning of the SAP Analytics Cloud comes in: Collaborative planning links the various planning levels with each other and takes the respective data into account.

The SAC is the appropriate platform for ensuring close cooperation between several business areas in planning. In doing so, the business departments can draw on a large number of ready-made templates provided by SAP.

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