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Report on the basis of reliable data

For corporate management, access to current and reliable data is fundamental. This is the only way to gain important insights and derive the right measures for action. Automated and meaningful dashboards support this and provide a quick overview of whether company-relevant KPIs are being met and what the appropriate measures are to counteract an unwanted development. Self-service tools support the departments in accessing current data independently of IT and in creating analyses and reports on their own. Only those who recognise trends at an early stage and react quickly to them will remain competitive in today's highly dynamic world.

Different departments within a company face different challenges and have specific reporting requirements. We address the most important challenges and show you how you and your department can benefit from customized reports.

The challenges of the different disciplines

  • How can data be analysed in real time and reported to management?
  • How can data be prepared faster and more effectively?
  • How can a reliable data basis be created to make important operational decisions?
  • How can the achievement of critical objectives of my company be measured?
  • How can supply chains be optimized?
  • How can data from different sources be organized to create a uniform data basis?
  • How can insights be gained in real-time from the collected data?
  • How can challenges in the logistics landscape be identified and how to deal with them?
  • How do I create transparency about the cash flows of my company?
  • How can I efficiently prepare financial forecasts?
  • How can I accelerate or automate the preparation and transformation of my financial data for reporting?
  • How can I optimise my data preparation processes?
  • How do I cleanse financial data so that the data is reliable?
  • How can I optimally manage my assets?
  • How can sales performance be monitored and how can deviations be detected at an early stage?
  • How can the accuracy of forecasts, pipeline efficiency and quota fulfillment be optimized?
  • How can all sales data from different systems be combined in one platform? 

Dashboarding vs. Data Visualization


In contrast to standard reporting, dashboarding prepares key figures graphically in order to report by means of appealing dashboards.

Before dashboards can be created, it is important to structure and homogenize the existing data in order to make it as uncomplicated as possible for front-end tools to use. The more structured the data is, the easier it is to subsequent upload, for example to the SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC). SAP's front-end tool is ideal for creating appealing dashboards or reports. These can then be viewed on the move or on the desktop and can also be shared across the company.

The focus here is less on the detailed presentation of data, but rather on creating a snapshot of a large amount of data graphically to get an overall impression.

Data Visualization

In order to analyze large and complex amounts of data, gain insights and make data-based decisions, both data visualization methods and software solutions in the form of BI platforms are necessary. Especially in the age of Big Data, data visualization is becoming increasingly important in order to present the large amount of data collected daily in a comprehensible way, to highlight important information, to recognize trends, etc. The focus here is also on the analysis of large and complex data volumes. The focus here is also on automation in order to increase the efficiency and quality of the data. Data visualization offers companies numerous advantages, such as:

  • Data is made understandable
  • Identification of decisive influencing factors
  • Outliers and trends are quickly recognized
  • Colour differences enable quick differentiation


Approaches to dealing with the challenges

Prepare your data in clear market analyses and reports and present the results to management in attractive dashboards. Access real-time metrics and save time not only in data preparation but also in reporting. 

businessman hand touch 3d virtual chart business

React quickly to changing key figures and always keep an eye on the performance data and risks of your suppliers. Display collected data on a uniform interface and evaluate questions. Intuitive dashboards allow you to quickly identify trends, derive forecasts and develop appropriate recommendations for action.


Say goodbye to manual data preparation processes. Consolidate your company data automatically and save resources and time when creating analyses or reports. This way, the specialist department can concentrate on strategic aspects and does not have to deal with the time-consuming consolidation of different Excel sheets or the presentation of different planned measures.

Always keep an eye on your sales figures and create reliable forecasts. Sales staff can access the data they need regardless of their location or device. Individual sales staff can create sales and revenue forecasts themselves and also include prices, conditions and net values. Visualize the results in intuitive dashboards and derive recommendations for action.


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Reporting procedures

When it comes to reporting, a distinction is made between standard reporting, ad-hoc reporting (=BI Self-Service) and operational reporting. 

  • Reports are played out in a time-controlled manner

  • Report content and layout is standardized

  • Reports are predefined and regularly supplied with current data and distributed

  • Presentation: Tables and common chart types

  • Interactive analysis of the data is not included in the process

Business Intelligence-Reporting-standard-reporting
  • Live access to information
  • Always up-to-date data
  • Applications are used operationally with simultaneous creation of reports
  • Supervision and control of day-to-day business by managers
  • Rapid decision making
  • Focus on the creation of reports that are available immediately
  • Creation and editing is done by the department
  • Easy creation of reports according to individual needs
  • Short decision-making paths and high speed of decision-making
  • Cost savings
  • Reduced IT workload


Technologies and tools for the implementation

The SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC) offers a central cloud platform as a holistic solution for planning, analysis and reporting. With the help of SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC), data can be modelled intuitively and presented in attractive dashboards. The front-end tool allows decentralised use and ensures a uniform data basis and a sound basis for decision-making throughout the company.

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As the basis for comprehensive enterprise data warehousing, as well as a business intelligence and planning environment, the SAP Business Warehouse (SAP BW) enables historical and current data from a wide range of systems to be brought together. In addition, the data can be modelled, consolidated and prepared in order to subsequently make it available to employees for analyses, reports and planning.
The latest generation SAP BW/4HANA even analyses huge amounts of data in real time. 
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The SAP Data Warehouse Cloud as a service in the cloud is strongly aimed at specialist departments. In particular, those who value the topic of "self-service" BI and want to independently take care of "data management" in their environment. The Data Warehouse Cloud acts as an interface between IT and the business department. The Data Warehouse Cloud allows the connection of a wide variety of data sources and access to data in real time. Decision-makers can react quickly to changes thanks to reliable data. In addition, the Data Warehouse Cloud includes the classic Analytics Cloud to cover front-end topics.

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Our products for your success

Prefabricated packages and modules

Starter Package for Sales Planning

Modern Sales Planning with SAP Analytics Cloud 

Now it's easy to keep an eye on your sales figures and create future forecasts in the SAP Analytics Cloud. With the Starter Package for Sales Planning, this is easy and can be implemented in just 50 days.

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SAC Content Package for Supplier Performance Management

Supplier evaluation with the SAP Analytics Cloud

Capture supplier performance data and risks at a glance with our Supplier Performance Dashboard and react quickly to deteriorating metrics.

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Power Workshop for SAP Analytics Cloud

Become an expert for the SAP Analytics Cloud in just 2 days 

Benefit from the many advantages of the SAP Analytics Cloud in your daily work and, for example, visualise real-time analyses based on data from a wide range of sources. Our experts will provide you with the necessary know-how in a very short time in our Power Workshop for SAP Analytics Cloud.

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Enablement Package for SAP Analytics Cloud

First steps with SAP Analytics Cloud

You have newly implemented SAP Analytics Cloud and need help getting started with SAP's cloud solution?

We are happy to support you and help you with the first steps. Choose your desired topics from various modules.

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Training Course for SAP Analytics Cloud

Learn the basics, functionalities and possibilities of the SAP Analytics Cloud

Get an introduction to the SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC) and learn about the functionalities and possibilities that the SAP Analytics Cloud offers you.

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