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Benefit from concrete recommendations for action for your authorization concept to create secure, maintainable and custom-fit roles for SAP ERP and SAP S/4HANA


Roadmap for your authorizations


Future-proof through maintainability


Ready for SAP S/4HANA

Find the best path for your authorizations

In our Power Workshop for SAP Authorizations, we review your existing authorization concept together with you to determine whether it covers current requirements. A key focus is on the aspect of future viability, which we realize through maintainability, efficient functionality and maximum security. Additionally, we have a closer look at UI technologies with a strong focus on SAP Fiori applications and their integration with classic GUI applications.

In close cooperation with those responsible for the affected processes and your administrators, we determine the current status of the authorization structure and define the requirements for the new concept. 

We formulate a recommendation for action including a feasibility analysis with regard to capacity and know-how and create a roadmap for the redesign project of your authorizations to the desired extent.

We work out whether your authorizations actually need a redesign or just a revision and what your path to SAP S/4HANA looks like based on your individual prerequisites and requirements.

Your contact person

Marius Carl


+49 7131 2711-3000

Together, we develop a recommendation for action including a roadmap for redesigning your authorizations. Taking into account the existing framework parameters, we will find the optimal path to a sustainable authorization concept for you.

Scope of services


  • Three-day workshop on requirements definition with final presentation, subsequent follow-up and handover of results

  • Elaboration of the possible procedure regarding the requirements for SAP S/4HANA authorizations

  • UI concept and SAP Fiori integration with focus on usability and maintainability
  • Decision on redesign, redesign light or migration of the authorizations

  • Follow-up work on structuring the work packages and allocating capacities (internal/external)

  • Follow-up work on the content of the procedure and project description

  • Formulation of a recommendation for action as well as a procedure and project description – with effort structure of the capacities

  • Optional: Analysis of the effects on the existing Identity & Access Management in the company


You receive a specialized concept adapted to your requirements with a roadmap for the introduction and/or gradual revision of your authorizations.

Price Plan

10,000 EUR

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