SAP Enterprise Threat Detection (ETD)

Create the conditions to defend against cyber attacks in real time and protect your company from security threats from inside and outside


Real-time monitoring


Detection of irregularities


Avoidance of financial losses and reputational damage


  • Detect external and internal cyber security threats

  • Improve security through continuous monitoring

  • Analysis of suspicious activities and detection of security vulnerabilities

  • Real-time data processing of events from connected SAP systems

  • Complement for existing SIEM solutions or stand-alone operation

  • Pre-configured patterns map known attack patterns

What SAP Enterprise Threat Detection offers

With SAP Enterprise Threat Detection (ETD), companies protect themselves effectively against cyber threats. The software provides a detailed overview of suspicious activities in SAP landscapes and detects breaches as they occur. This enables companies to neutralize danger in a timely manner and protect their data, their customers, and their brand from harm.

SAP Enterprise Threat Detection gives you real-time insights into critical actions and conspicuous events within the SAP system landscape.

When it comes to deploying SAP ETD, companies have a choice: SAP Enterprise Threat Detection can be integrated into existing SIEM (Security Information and Event Management) systems as well as operated as a stand-alone solution that ensures the monitoring of SAP and non-SAP systems.

Pre-configured patterns map already known attack patterns. Since new attack patterns are constantly being developed, SAP always provides updates. This ensures that the patterns are always up to date. In addition, individual patterns can also be created – for special purposes in which, for example, the need to protect certain data is particularly high.

SAP Enterprise Threat Detection provides real-time insights into critical actions and conspicuous events within the SAP system landscape. This enables you to detect, analyze, and neutralize cyberattacks on your SAP applications before serious damage is done.

Act before serious damage occurs

Cyber attacks on companies are in the news almost daily. Since SAP applications often contain valuable data and handle critical business processes in the company, they are increasingly targeted by fraudsters. The permanent increase in cyber threats and cyber attacks makes it necessary for companies to take further appropriate and effective steps for IT security in addition to preventive measures.

To effectively protect their own data, real-time monitoring of the system landscape is required to detect and analyze unusual and suspicious activities as quickly as possible and to initiate the right measures to combat cyber attacks.

SAP Enterprise Threat Detection is a real-time enterprise threat detection software. It is specifically tailored to SAP applications and helps companies detect cyber attacks as early as possible.

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Using SAP Enterprise Threat Detection as a comprehensive solution for detecting hacker attacks and unauthorized access minimizes the response time of companies and offers the opportunity to take countermeasures at an early stage. This helps avert financial losses and damage to the company’s image.

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