Edit tasks like authorization requests, access rights, role asignments, and many more from the SAP Universal Work List or SAP Fiori MyInbox in a Fiori style application − make your users happy and free themselves from unnecessary process times


User-friendly and fast processing of work items


Modern User Experience


Tasks from different SAP systems at a sight

Dissatisfied users and unnecessarily extended processing times? Get help with SECMENDO.selfservice_inbox

As part of the SAP Enterprise Portal, the SAP Universal Worklist (SAP UWL) provides centralized access to work items coming from numerous SAP applications such as tasks, messages and/or requests. SAP Fiori MyInbox that can be accessed via the SAP Fiori Launchpad offers quite similar funcionalities in a more modern UI. But no matter how modern the work items list is displayed the end user often ends up in old-fashionned user interfaces. Those often don’t meet the requirements of a state of the art user experience. This also applies to the processing of applications in SAP IdM, which in its standard version only provides a WebDynpro user interface.

You will benefit in several ways:

  • By using the SAP Universal Worklist or SAP Fiori MyInbox, you keep an eye on all work items from different SAP systems.

  • With SECMENDO.selfservice you facilitate the processing of work items from SAP Identity Management (SAP IdM) via an easy-to-use SAP Fiori application.



5,000 EUR*

plus VAT and two days of installation and configuration

*SECMENDO.selfservice_inbox is an add-on to SECMENDO.selfservice and can only be used in combination of both products. To enable the functionality on the SAP Enterprise Portal and in SAP Fiori, IBsolution delivers a software component for AS Java and AS ABAP.

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